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Why Hillary Clinton Cannot Be President

Why Hillary Clinton Cannot Be President
By Angela Smith, HEAL Coordinator

Tipper Gore and Susan Baker founded the PMRC.  What's the PMRC?  "One of the oldest, and the most infamous, pro-censorship groups. Founded originally by Tipper Gore and Susan Baker. Promotes the idea that modern popular music is harmful to people and seeks to ban it. Largely responsible for the "Parental Guidance: Explicit Lyrics" stickers (known far and wide as "Tipper Stickers"); has promoted laws in states making it a felony to sell stickered albums to people under 18. Barbara Wyatt has (unfortunately) revitalized the organization. In past, has worked with or promoted some theocratic groups and "deprogramming"/brainwashing centers such as Back In Control Training Centers (see California)."  Source:

Jello Biafra explains the Back In Control Training Centers in our video here:

"Back In Control Training Center

 "Deprogramming" center--in actuality, brainwashing center for kids who do not follow the fundamentalist Christian "ideal". Known to use coercive tactics. Heavily promoted by Bob Larson and (formerly) the PMRC. Reportedly, will not allow certain clothes (Nike, etc.) nor peace symbols as these are thought to be "satanic". Promoted itself as a "help center" for kids caught up in "Satanic" cults, etc; often did not advertise its strong theocratic bent or "deprogramming" methods. We believe this group is now defunct."  Source:

"When Clinton first came to Washington in 1993, one of her first steps was to join a Bible study group. For the next eight years, she regularly met with a Christian "cell" whose members included Susan Baker, wife of Bush consigliere James Baker; Joanne Kemp, wife of conservative icon Jack Kemp; Eileen Bakke, wife of Dennis Bakke, a leader in the anti-union Christian management movement; and Grace Nelson, the wife of Senator Bill Nelson, a conservative Florida Democrat."  Source:

For those who believe that Clinton has evolved on the issue and would no longer support charter schools or boarding schools, you missed an important news story.  Here is a bit of coverage on that:

"Clinton loves testing, Common Core, segregated charter schools.  A new idea emerged during an interview last week: boarding schools. The boarding school idea has been pursued by the billionaires behind the KIPP movement in Camden, New Jersey.  In fact, another Republican, Chris Christie supported a bill allowing KIPP and their patrons to build dorms so that its students would be under 24-hour control."  Source:

On April 11, 2016, Hillary Clinton said: " When you are a teacher in a poor school, and you have enormous behavioral problems, when you have kids coming to school hungry, when you have kids who are homeless, you have a tougher job than the kids who show up in Chappaqua where I live. 

And so let's get our heads straight about how we support the most challenged classrooms to do better. I started a school when I was Senator, I worked with 100 Black Men, we started something called The Eagle Academy. Because there is some evidence that same sex schools and high school for poor kids, is a good choice that should be available to them. I had to fight to get the Department of Education to let us go forward with that, to support charter schools that were public charter schools but wanted to try this. So I'm really evidence-based. I think there are some, we need to experiment even with, if we can do it right, with boarding schools for poor kids. There's just a lot I'm excited about, if we actually get back to looking at what works."  Source:

Now, do you expect survivors of institutionalized abuse and their advocates to support a candidate with a history of supporting coercive thought reform programs and who wants to send kids with "behavioral problems" to charter schools and boarding schools according to their current campaign statements?  If you do, you are crazy.

While not everyone at HEAL agrees regarding which party represents our interests best, I'd like to share with you why I'm voting for Jill Stein by doing a quick comparison of the 2016 education platforms of each of the four parties most likely to receive any significant number of votes.

Green Party Platform:

"The Green Party is strongly opposed to the dissolution of public schools and the privatization of education. We believe that the best educational experience is guaranteed by the democratic empowerment of organized students, their parents and communities along with organized teachers.

 We must stop disinvestment in education and instead put it at the top of our social and economic agenda. Effective schools have sufficient resources. Too many of our teachers are overworked, underpaid, and starved of key materials. We also must be more generous to our schools so that our children will learn what generosity is, and know enough to be able to be generous to us in return.

 Greens believe in education, not indoctrination. We do not think that schools should turn our children into servile students, employees, consumers or citizens. We believe it is very important to teach our children how to ask good questions."  Source:

Democratic Party Platform:

"Democrats are committed to providing parents with high-quality public school options and expanding these options for low-income youth. We support democratically governed, great neighborhood public schools and high-quality public charter schools, and we will help them disseminate best practices to other school leaders and educators. Democrats oppose for-profit charter schools focused on making a profit off of public resources. We believe that high-quality public charter schools should provide options for parents, but should not replace or destabilize traditional public schools. Charter schools must reflect their communities, and thus must accept and retain proportionate numbers of students of color, students with disabilities and English Language Learners in relation to their neighborhood public schools. We support increased transparency and accountability for all charter schools." Source:

Diane Ravitch writes: "She [Clinton] understands some basic issues in education, but she is tone deaf about why so many parents are refusing the tests and about the push to replace public schools with privately managed charter schools. Neither she nor Bernie understand that some “nonprofit” charters are NINA (nonprofit in name only), or that all charters claim to be “public” schools, even when they exclude students with disabilities and ELLs. Nor do they question the displacement of real public schools by corporate charter chains (what I call the Walmartization of public education) or the gold rush to monetized public education. I was hoping to have a 1:1 talk with her to discuss these issues, but it hasn’t happened."  Source:

Republican Party Platform

" We call for removal of structural impediments which progressives throw in the path of poor people: Over-regulation of start-up enterprises, excessive licensing requirements, needless restrictions on formation of schools and day-care centers serving neighborhood families, and restrictions on providing public services in fields like transport and sanitation that close the opportunity door to all but a favored few. We will continue our fight for school choice until all parents can find good, safe schools for their children. To protect religious liberty we will ensure that faith-based institutions, especially those that are vital parts of underserved neighborhoods, do not face discrimination by government."  Source:[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf

Only 5 States in the US require private schools, including boarding schools be licensed. Many religious programs are run by ex-cons because the industry is wholly unregulated.  In the 5 States that require licensing, faith-based/religious schools are exempt.  Claims by Republicans that regulation is excessive regarding private education in the US is not true.  Their commitment to "protect" faith-based institutions from regulation will result in thousands of children being harmed by false prophets (nicest way to put it).  This is not a position HEAL can support.  Source:

[Special Note: HEAL believes ex-cons deserve a second chance.  We don't agree with violent criminals and sex traffickers opening up and running their own private schools because no one regulates the industry.  We believe that many operating private residential schools and programs are engaging in fraud, child exploitation, child abuse, torture, and other horrors.  The evidence is available if you visit and begin learning about just the ones we have on our watch-list.  You can also learn more by watching episodes of The HEAL Report available at]

Libertarian Party Platform

"Education is best provided by the free market, achieving greater quality, accountability and efficiency with more diversity of choice. Recognizing that the education of children is a parental responsibility, we would restore authority to parents to determine the education of their children, without interference from government. Parents should have control of and responsibility for all funds expended for their children’s education."

" Employment and compensation agreements between private employers and employees are outside the scope of government, and these contracts should not be encumbered by government-mandated benefits or social engineering. We support the right of private employers and employees to choose whether or not to bargain with each other through a labor union. Bargaining should be free of government interference, such as compulsory arbitration or imposing an obligation to bargain."


Clearly privatizing education is a bad idea and the US is not ready for it because we do not have effective regulations in place for private schools operating throughout the country now.  Parents can be and are fooled by slick businessmen running education scams every day.  Children deserve added protections from parental negligence.  I would only consider this if private schools were properly regulated and children were given the right to sue and/or prosecute their parents for abuse if parents chose ignorantly, negligently or maliciously.  But, those regulations and added safeguards are not in place and moving forward with privatization without added safeguards would be a human rights nightmare. 

In addition, employers should be held to labor standards and employees need the right to collective bargaining enforced by government labor regulations.  Without the enforcement of such regulations, collective bargaining would not be of any use to the working class because the employer could just fire them and hire all new staff without agreeing to more fair and reasonable standards.  Without government protection of the working class (majority of the country) in bargaining for fair compensation, the majority of Americans will live in economic insecurity and fear.  The labor movement's achievements would be dashed.  My family is a union family.  We just wouldn't support a party that would create a situation where economic oppression and wage slavery would become the norm.

So, based on the above party platforms, there is no better choice than Jill Stein and the Green Party.  I hope you will choose the best candidate that represents your values too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why Mike Pence Cannot be Vice President

Why Mike Pence Cannot be Vice President
by Angela Smith, HEAL Coordinator

There are so many reasons that Mike Pence should not be Vice President.  But, this article focuses on Pence's protection of those engaging in institutionalized child abuse.  When Mike Pence was a US Representative for the State of Indiana in 2009 and 2010, he voted against the "Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act".  Source:  Pence is supported by white supremacist organizations such as the Minutemen who oppose stopping the abuse at Hephzibah House and similar facilities.  Sources:,%202009%20-%20Legislative%20Update.pdf,, and

The Minutemen also supported Robert "LaVoy" Finicum in his efforts resulting in his shooting death last year during an FBI standoff.  Finicum ran a "youth ranch" for "troubled teens" which is how he "earned" most of his income.  His surviving brother, currently works at Re-Creation Retreat, a program on the HEAL watch-list which is run out of a "restored" motel and "serves" teen girls.  Sources:,,  and

"Everyone obeyed orders to surrender except LaVoy Finicum and Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy's brother, the official told CNN. Shots were fired, but it's unclear who fired first, the source said. Ryan Bundy was wounded, and Finicum died. With their leader Ammon Bundy in police custody and their spokesman, Finicum, dead, it's unclear if the remaining occupiers will dig in their heels at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which they have occupied for 26 days -- or if their resolve will wane."  Source:

"Cliven and Ammon Bundy: A family's history of fighting the federal government...Nearly two years before armed protesters took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, a similar fight was waged in Nevada. And the organizers of both have the same last name: Bundy.  Ammon Bundy, 40, led a group that has taken over a federal refuge center in Oregon. He was arrested Tuesday evening on felony charges of conspiracy to impede officers, a federal offense. Ammon is the son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, 67, who engaged in a protracted battled with the federal Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights for his cattle in 2014...            Wading into social issues, Bundy openly speculated whether African-Americans would be better off as slaves.

"I've often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn't get no more freedom. They got less freedom," he said."

 Well, LaVoy Finicum had no problem living off of government subsidies while exploiting and coercing child labor.  So, apparently these people are not only racist child-traffickers, they are also hypocrites to boot!

In addition, one of Mike Pence's primary associates and staffers that worked with he and his wife during Pence's term(s) as Governor of Indiana is Brenda Gerber Vincent, the current vice president of Crosswinds.  Crosswinds is the new name of New Horizon's Youth Ministries which was exposed for the fraudulent and abusive programs it operates in the documentary "Kidnapped for Christ".  See: and for more information.

Stop the slavery!  Stop the exploitation!  Stop the abuse!  Stop Mike Pence!