Monday, August 22, 2016

The 14 Points of Fascism and the 2016 Presidential Candidates

The 14 Points of Fascism and the 2016 Presidential Candidates
By Angela Smith, HEAL Coordinator

If you run a search at for "Fascism Definition", the first definition offered is: "an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.  Synonyms provided for Fascism (same source) include: "authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; Nazism, rightism; nationalism, xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism; jingoism, isolationism; neofascism, neo-Nazism."

According to an article by Dr. Lawrence Britt, there are 14 points of Fascism.  Provided by link is a table showing where all four major party candidates stand in relation to the 14 points of Fascism.  A "ΓΌ" means that the candidate holds views or has taken action that is evidently Fascist.  An "X" means that the candidate shows no sign of supporting the correlating point in the table here (created by HEAL but we couldn't transfer it to the blog).  (Source for 14 points:

[Note: You will need to view the table here before fully understanding the rest of this article.]

Examples of Clinton and Trump supporting national security efforts while maligning whistleblowers and patriots include:

*Attacks and misinformation campaigns about Edward Snowden: See: and

 *Attacks and misinformation campaigns about Chelsea Manning: See:

 *Attacks and misinformation campaigns about Julian Assange: See:      

There were no easy to find sources on Trump targeting or threatening (or any of his supporters doing so) Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange at the time of this writing.  Please e-mail any such reliable sources to to be included later.

So, overall we have Jill Stein who is 0%* Fascist, Hillary Clinton who is 100% Fascist, Gary Johnson who is 42.85% Fascist, and Donald Trump who is 92.85% Fascist.  That makes Jill Stein the best choice and Gary Johnson the second best choice out of the four candidates with any shot at winning this year.  And, it makes Hillary Clinton the worst possible choice of all four candidates!

The Green Party supports making the Federal Reserve a public utility as it should be according to many historically relevant figures including Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and William Jennings Bryan.  See:

The Libertarian Party supports returning to the Gold Standard ( ).  Albert Einstein said, "The gold standard has, in my opinion, the serious disadvantage that a shortage in the supply of gold automatically leads to a contraction of credit and also of the amount of currency in circulation, to which contraction prices and wages cannot adjust themselves sufficiently quickly."  Source:

When anyone asks me to support Fascists, I think they are nuts.  So, please stop asking that intellectuals check our brains at the door and support Fascists.  We're not going to and you shouldn't either.  If you do check your brain at the door, enjoy the labor camps, prisons, and death camps.  Many are already operating and voting any way other than Green is going to expand the School to Prison Pipeline, Mass Incarceration, and international human rights violations that make history pale in comparison.  But, comfortable people with a "healthy income" don't experience the labor camps and death camps operating in the US today.  There are many children who have died in labor camps, over 100 at the Dozier School in Florida alone.  But, they don't live in your neighborhood, so who cares, right?  HEAL cares and we won't tolerate anymore Fascism in our country or the world.  Sources:  (Also see:

When Jill Stein says Clinton has already committed the crimes that the Clinton campaign accuses Trump of supporting, that statement is true.  Based on our research, Clinton is dangerous and Trump has potential to be extremely dangerous.  Please reject Fascism and Fascism Light (Libertarian) and vote Green so we can build a future that works for all of us!
PS  Hillary Clinton on education:  "It then goes arrogantly farther by making clear Hillary Clinton and her Democrat Party want to keep the American people "ignorant.""  Source: (Thank You WikiLeaks!)