Monday, August 1, 2016

Why Libertarian Doesn't Work for HEAL

Why Libertarian Doesn't Work for HEAL

by Angela Smith, HEAL Coordinator

From 1995 to 2003, Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico.  Gary Johnson wants more charter schools.  (Source: Page 17)

"New Mexico could have dozens of new, more innovative public schools under laws signed Thursday by Gov. Gary Johnson.

One measure authorizes up to 100 so-called charter schools over five years. Another permits three school districts to convert to charter districts.

With today's bill-signing deadline looming, the governor also signed into law a permit system for underground water storage and an appropriation to help pave the way for a spaceport in southern New Mexico.

And he vetoed the first bills since the session's end. They included an expansion of the state's patient protection law and a requirement that the state provide child care more quickly to welfare recipients...

More charter schools is one of the few education reforms the Republican governor and the Democratic-controlled Legislature agree on."  Source:

Sorry, but a candidate who supports deregulation, privatization of education, and vetoes expansion of patient protection laws is not someone HEAL can support.

HEAL does like that the Libertarians are committed to ending the war on drugs and stopping our engagement in foreign wars.  But, their domestic policies on labor and education are bad for the majority and cannot be endorsed by HEAL. 

I, Angela Smith, am supporting the Green Party.  Their policies are best aligned with HEAL's agenda to stop institutionalized abuse.  I hope by informing our members and supporters that they/you will make the right choice this election cycle (and every election cycle).

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