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Perspective: Woman to Woman

Perspective: Woman to Woman
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

If you follow this blog and various social media postings, you may have heard reference to "Nursery Rhyme Bitch" and the like and not understand what is meant by the phrase.  Well, "Nursery Rhyme Bitch" means someone who is stuck on nursery rhymes intellectually and apparently never read much after pre-school.  Now, that is used as an insult.  But, there are gradations, and some people may be considered "Fairytale Bitches".

A "Fairytale Bitch" is someone who considers themselves worthy of the life of the heroine in a fairytale while acting more like the villainess of a fairytale.  For example, "mean girls" act like Cinderella's stepsisters and expect to actually marry the prince by just showing up and demanding attention and gratuities.  But, the heroine, Cinderella in this example, is a childhood victim of what I would call a "redhatter" who catnapped her father, killed him, then turned his beloved child (who loved the book she left him, her most treasured possession, so she reads) into a slave while stealing her inheritance.  Now, "Fairytale Bitches" don't often get rewarded by marrying a nice, loving, guy in the stories.  Cinderella is one of the exceptions because her father fell for the "redhatter".  Some people never learn that part and there is a reason. 

The reason is confusion regarding messaging caused by the Women's Liberation Movement.  By spoiling little girls from the "me generation" while telling them women can be and do whatever they want, no limits, some little girls grow up thinking they deserve the world just because they were born female.  Hillary Clinton is a prime example of this and someone I would call a "Fairytale Bitch".  She believes in "black magic" according to online sources.  Feel free to look it up.  And, she didn't understand that you have to be ethical, moral, good-hearted, and willing to serve others to win in the end.  So, that makes her more of a "Nursery Rhyme Bitch", because she didn't get the point of the fairytales.

Hillary Clinton is clearly not in politics for the greater good and that goes for the majority of politicians.  She is in it for money and power only.  This is clear when examining her gay laughter regarding Libya and "jokes" about assassinating President Obama and Julian Assange.  Good people don't laugh at destroying a country and leaving it open to modern slavery.  Good people don't joke about killing their political opponents during a primary.  Good people don't threaten to kill journalists for reporting the truth in a "democracy".  So, three strikes and you are out.  And, why she is still even given a minute of airtime or consideration by anyone is beyond reason.

That being said, good women without positive role models in their lives or very few, can learn from fiction and non-fiction stories of truly heroic and good women like the real heroines of fairytale lore.  Dana Gottesfeld is a prime example of this.  In a desperate situation, her true love and prince, did everything to help her free her brother from a dire situation.  Her husband, Martin "Marty" Gottesfeld, being a true hero, worked tirelessly with Dana's support, to free a stranger to both of them from institutionalized abuse.  That stranger, now family friend, being Justina Pelletier.  She was finally freed from her torturous conditions.  But, as a result, Marty is now behind bars.  Rolling Stone Magazine deems him "The Hacker Who Cared Too Much".[1]  This beautiful couple could really use your support.  Please visit to see how you can help.

There are many good women in the world.  But, many have been caught in a system of manipulation orchestrated by women of yesteryear who claim that was necessary for survival before women were allowed in the workplace.  That argument doesn't fly because women have been working throughout history.  Single women have held many jobs from service to politics.  Have you ever heard of a Queen?  Is that not work?  It might depend on the queen.  Have you ever heard of a barmaid or bar wench?  What era did those phrases come from and do you consider that work?  See, women didn't have to get married to survive at any point in history.  That's a misnomer.  Women who don't wish to work and think they can manipulate everyone around them to avoid ever having to do so because they are self-absorbed and believe they can pout their way into or out of any situation they don't care for while getting paid to do nothing at all, don't deserve anything, including your attention.

In an agricultural economy the entire family tends to help on the farm.  In a household economy, closed-household economy at times, the entire family contributes to making sure the entire family's needs are met.  Even in hunter-gatherer tribes, women work, even unmarried women.  So, claiming women were not in the workplace, unable to get work, or couldn't survive without a man at any point, is inaccurate and part of the manipulation by some women on other women when we call them out for being lazy, self-absorbed, greedy, often heartless manipulators.

 I love my true sisters.  We are smart, we read, we love, we care, and we devote ourselves to helping others.  Dana Gottesfeld and I are both examples of this and there are many more.  I encourage every woman to be honest and ask themselves if the roles were reversed in my relationship (with anyone, including relatives or other women), how would I feel on the receiving end of my own actions?  If you would feel exploited, abused, neglected, insulted, or disrespected should someone treat you or expect what you expect of them without returning the favor, then you are the problem in your relationships. 

If you disregard this article and think it doesn't apply to you because you are special, you are a narcissistic bitch who is lucky not to have been murdered or institutionalized by someone with the ability and access to do the job.  Being a compassionate person, I try to understand why some serial killers (i.e. DeSalvo/Boston Strangler) do what they do so I can find forgiveness.  In researching DeSalvo, I believe his mother was a "Nursery Rhyme Bitch" of the highest order and understand why he had issues.  However, since he didn't at least start with his mother and then make sure his victims were just like her or close enough, I find he lacked the self-control of Ted Bundy and therefore found forgiveness more difficult in his case.  Ted Bundy is a lot like me and I relate to his intellect, sense of humor, and struggle with class boundaries.  He was from a poor family and raised by a single mother.  He worked hard and was brilliant.  He would have been an excellent lawyer.  He fell for a rich bitch (Hillary Clinton type, most likely) and she rejected him because her father thought he wasn't good enough because of his humble beginnings.  Given his struggle to achieve his dreams and his heartbreak by a cold, ruthless bitch, I understand why he snapped.  However, I think a life well lived may have been the better revenge in that scenario.  I'm happy he was able to find some humor by turning himself in and then having himself let go because the police didn't think he was telling the truth when he confessed.  And, I'm sure he humored himself with his successful prison escapes as well.  So, he remains in my prayers as my brother and I hope God found forgiveness for him as I did.  Since God has a greater capacity for forgiveness than I may have, I assume Bundy is on the side of the angels.

Hoping everyone enjoys this article and understands it was written out of love and compassion for good people and people who strive to be good everywhere.  If you are angry right now, I'd recommend not crossing my path or contacting me.  If this article was written by anyone else, I'd love it and want to be their friend.  So, we may have different perspectives on things, but, haters can fuck off and die.  Your choice on how it ends unless you piss the wrong person off at the wrong time.  Hoping you live a life that gives hope and comfort to those who need a touch of kindness to avoid a "snap".  I do my best in that regard and respect others that do the same.
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Suggested Tips for Dating Success

Suggested Tips for Dating Success
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

It seems to me that we could all avoid "bad dates" by taking a few precautions and being more honest about our expectations.  I've had my share of "bad dates" and now follow some basic rules that I provide to you as tips for dating success.

1.  Know What You Want Out Of A Date: If you are whorish, you may want a free meal or other gifts and may feel entitled to such just for the "benefit of your company".  However, such a position means you do not feel the other person is also entitled to feel you are benefiting from their company without additional compensation or payment.  To avoid being treated as a whore, perhaps go "Dutch" on all dates until you are ready to trade or actually are intimately or romantically interested in the other party.  This will help you avoid "Aziz Ansari" type exploitative situations in which no one is satisfied and the benefactor is most harmed.

2.  Be Honest And Up Front:  You don't have to go into great detail about your sexual history.  And, this only needs to be discussed if you would like to have sex with the other person involved at some point.  But, if you are concerned about unplanned pregnancy or disease, you will want to share at least a modicum of personal medical or health information and ask the other do the same.  If there are known deal-breakers for you such as incurable diseases or refusing monogamous commitment whilst enjoying physical intimacy, you should convey that to the other person.  If you don't trust someone or know them well enough to know whether or not they are lying about any of it, wait until you are certain or have medical documentation backing up their claims.  Protection isn't foolproof and this is the best way to avoid the unfortunate consequences of  instant gratification.

3.  Don't Lead People On:  This really goes with the first tip.  If you are not interested in the person and only interested in what they can do for you, then you are a whore and should admit that going in and act accordingly.  If you are not a whore and a "spouse-in-waiting" for the right person, then be honest about that too.  Some people are only interested in whores.  So, you want to make sure when you accept an offer for a date that the person you are going out with understands your position and you are not under the mistaken impression that a gentleman asked you out and insisted on paying even though you offered to go "Dutch" and then asked you to touch them inappropriately on a first date because they paid.  See, regardless of gender, we could all avoid possible legal issues by being more honest.

4.  Don't Accept A Date Request Just To Be Nice:  I did this once.  The guy had a crush on me for over a decade.  I felt bad because I ran into him after years of not seeing him and he just lit up.  I was like, "okay, he still likes me and finally had the courage to ask me out."  I thought if he finally had his courage and was brave enough to ask me out that it would help him find the confidence to seek his true love, which wasn't me and I knew it, if I agreed.  So, I kind of took one for the team.  That team being "true love".  We had one date.  I kissed him once.  But, didn't go out with him again.  He soon after met his true love and they are now happily married.  Judge me if you wish.  (Now, if your motives are not like mine and you are a whore, don't do this shit to a nice person.  It is wrong and you might in my opinion deserve a violent response if you use people like this often with no consideration for the feelings of others or the mayhem that may result from someone nice having their heart broken or dreams shattered one too many times.)

5.  Remember People Are People:  If you play sadistic and cruel games to manipulate others and they get mad when they realize this, you are the problem and they have a right to be pissed.  If you are a good person, please don't assume everyone you meet is also good.  Remember Anne Frank believed that and died in a Nazi concentration camp.  So, you can believe in your own goodness and when you truly know someone else, believe in their goodness too.  But, "stranger danger" is a real thing and we have a lot of resources reporting evil in the world including crimes of violence such as rape, drugging people against their will, kidnapping, and more.  Do not suspend your disbelief in the existence or possibility of crime to go somewhere alone with someone you barely know who may not be honest about their intentions going into the date.  I have a male friend who reported being raped by a woman at a party after he claims she drugged him and he couldn't fight back.  I believe survivors.
In using the word whore, I didn't specify gender on purpose.  Anyone can be a whore regardless of gender.  But, good people who respect themselves and others do not engage in that lifestyle and protect themselves and everyone they know and/or love from such exploitation and needless heartache.  I hope you found this helpful.

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What does employment, wages, and cost of living look like for individuals and families in the United States?

What does employment, wages, and cost of living look like for individuals and families in the United States?
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

The below is an edited version of a previous article posted on the HEAL website in 2011.  While I could update it for 2018, I believe the information to still be valid as the primary issues have not been addressed effectively and the majority is still suffering under debt slavery, debt peonage, and similar issues.

According to official reports, there are   approximately 311,555,665 people in the United States.  And,   127,097,160 people employed in the United States.  This statistic does not include individuals who are self-employed.  Of those 127 million employed by someone other than themselves, the average wage is $16.27 per hour.  But, this is averaging the pay of CEOs with Burger King servers at minimum wage.  So, the most common wage does not equal what is reported as the average wage in the report.  The Federal  minimum wage perhour is $7.25.  And,  almost all employed people in the UnitedStates work for minimum wage or less.  Now, a minimum wage, full-time (meaning 40 hours, not the new "30" or "32" hour "full-time") job will pay (gross) $290 per week and approximately $1160 per month (before taxes).  Here is what a typical paycheck for someone earning minimum wage, full-time, looks like:

Your Pay Check Results
Weekly Gross Pay
Federal Withholding
Social Security
Net Pay

Calculation Based On
Tax Year
Gross Pay
Pay Frequency
Federal Filing Status
# of Federal Exemptions
Additional Federal W/H
Tax Rate
Low Income
Additional State W/H


This makes the net/liquid income of someone working minimum wage full-time in the United States approximately $947.08.  If the individual has only him/herself to care for on this wage, here is what expenses look like without safety-net, health insurance/coverage (free clinics/hospitals/medical reimbursement, no way anyone can afford Obamacare), savings or emergency funds:

National Average Cost for Two-Bedroom Apartment--$1070 (if living with roommate, rent would be $535 for one individual.  At full-time (40 hour) minimum wage, the cost of sharing an apartment with a roommate leaves this individual with $412.92.

Average Cost for a Bus Pass--$25 per month if one can buy a $75 unlimited 3-month bus pass.  This rate is for New Mexico.  Rates for a one-month   unlimited pass in New Yorkis $104 per month.  If we average New Mexico's rates with New York's, we get $64.50.  HEAL will use the $64.50 as an estimated national average.  This leaves the individual in our example with $348.42.  We are giving the most economically efficient accounting for someone with a minimum wage income.  Of course, individuals with vehicles will have even more expenses related to travel.  

Average Cost of Landline Phone and Utilities: The costs of utilities vary greatly depending on use.  The average residential bill provided by Puget Sound Energy in Seattle shows a total of $97.97 per month.  It is unclear if this is for a multi-person household.  Assuming that it would be accurate for a two-person apartment, we will cut the amount in half and apply it to the decreasing spending power of the example individual.  Half of $97.97 is $48.98.  This leaves the individual with $299.44 after the electric bill alone.  For basic landline telephone service with unlimited local calling only, the price starts at  $12 per month.  With Verizon, we chose a "free" phone and selected the   least expensiveplan at $39.99 per month with a $35 activation fee and 450 "anytime minutes" with free weekend/evenings, voice-mail, no texting/data in the plan.  The $12 per month above does not include caller id or voice-mail.  With the least expensive of Verizon's plans, it would leave the individual with $259.45 each month.  If he/she chooses the most basic phone model without voice-mail and no cellular phone, the total he/she has left is $287.44.  Because most people are expected to have a cellular phone in the US today for business and personal use, we will be basing additional calculations on the $259.45 amount left with that expense.  The   minimum cost for water service appears tobe between $15 and $40 per month depending on location.  Based on this, we will assume a 2-person household would pay an average of $50 per month with the split between two roommates being $25 per month.  This will reduce the total money available to $234.45 per month for the individual.  

Average Cost of Food and Groceries (toiletries, etc.) for One Person:    The low range ongroceries for one individual per month is $200 and the high range is $400 permonth.  If we calculate using the low estimate of $200 per month for groceries, this leaves the individual with $34.45. 

Basic Cable: The least expensive plan offered by is $29.99 per month for one year   (and that price will go up).   If two roommates split the cost for basic cable at this rate, they will each pay approximately $14.99 per month for basic cable.  This is if they share a television.  The cost would increase if each had cable access to their individual televisions in individual rooms.  Based on the premise that they would share the television, we will deduct $14.99 from the running total.  This leaves the individual with $19.46. 

If the individual requires any medical treatment or prescription medication, the $19.46 won't even cover those expenses.  And, if the individual has any debts or expenses such as clothing/shoes/etc. each month, it will leave them with less than nothing.  The minimum wage is not a living wage and certainly could not support an individual with a growing child.  And, this is the condition under which the majority of Americans currently live and work.

The odds that anyone would be able to avoid using credit or getting caught in a cycle of debt from which there appears no escape is inevitable under the current system.  Regardless of who is most responsible, government officials or private business, is irrelevant.  A problem exists that must be addressed.  And, turning the Federal Reserve into a public utility as is the recommendation of Ellen Brown, based on the Republican plan of Abraham Lincoln, makes the most sense to stop debt slavery of the majority in the United States.[1]  It is clear that this is the issue and that you cannot blame individuals who work full time for their poverty when the system is clearly not working for us and either stupidly apathetic (myopic in understanding, unable to see the big picture or likely result of the continued injustice due to failure to learn from history) or blatantly evil (disregarding the suffering of others and/or actually enjoying the power wielded to destroy and make miserable the majority of earth's inhabitants while simultaneously playing "Risk" and "Monopoly"). 

There is no moral or ethical authority in a world that prioritizes profits over people.  And, might does not make right.  So, this is just one more voice of opposition to modern tyranny.  We are the people we've been waiting for and we need to act like it and organize effectively.  Do not be distracted by morons and make sure moles are shown the door.  That's my best tip for anyone who actually wants to make a difference.  A moron can be well-meaning and cry a lot over issues you care about, but, they won't help and will likely distract or mislead you in a manner that makes real change nearly impossible.  So, while no one wants to be mean to anyone who is well-meaning, sometimes you need to be firm so your own compassion doesn't become a barrier to making effective change that will benefit the majority.  Everyone benefits by a safer and less violent world when everyone exhibits ethical and moral standards of consideration for everyone else.  And, when you choose not to live a moral or ethical life and assume a position of authority, you should expect a violent revolt when reasonable discourse fails to achieve needed change and effective redress of grievances.  This is particularly true when reasonable and effective solutions have been proposed for addressing these issues for millennia, literally. 


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Trauma and Art Explained

Trauma and Art Explained
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

As a survivor of various traumas from early childhood separations, child abuse, sexual abuse, and exploitation, I have something to say.  I've tried for nearly two decades to do everything correctly and professionally to the best of my ability.  I maintained a rigid focus and discipline in regards to championing the cause of stopping modern slavery and human trafficking (particularly child trafficking).  But, certain discoveries and facts put together that have amassed overtime coupled with extraordinary harassment of myself and HEAL resulted in my fighting my way back to peace of mind through artistic expression and comic relief.

I always incorporate some art into my activism and this is not unusual for activists and artists to do.  And, some people do not understand some of my art or recent artistic expressions.  This does not surprise me. 

Imagine for a moment an alleged child molester and a large corporation that owns a facility that tortured you are battling each other in court and both want you to testify on their behalf or help their side.  Now, imagine you've dedicated your life to stopping institutionalized abuse and protecting children from sexual abuse and other abuses as you yourself were also a victim.  At the same time, you've been blocked from accessing some social media accounts and believe a friend is in danger due to ongoing harassment and messages suggesting they are going to be institutionalized.  Now, add to that e-mails threatening to beat you or kill you.  And, then, add whatever your daily routine as an advocate might look like with all of that going on simultaneously.  Now, imagine that you too suffer trauma triggers and do your best to manage those triggers without any real support.  That will give you an idea of my state of mind throughout this performance art piece.

The Kingpin of Hollywood blog article is a satirical piece and to be taken with a grain of salt.  Sean Stone went bowling and I thought it would be funny as a follow up to the Oliver Stone Conspiracy article, which is based on fact with sources cited.  Kingpin and bowling, that's the joke.  In addition, I do find some of Oliver Stone's films to contain gratuitous and unnecessary rape scenes that do trigger sexual assault survivors.  So, I wanted to both admonish Oliver for his nihilistic films while showing that his accuser, namely Melissa Gilbert, arguably "fictionally" raped a dog on F/X.  Bestiality is illegal in California and is considered animal cruelty.  So, for Gilbert to accuse Oliver of anything untoward given her own questionable choices regarding what is acceptable sexual behavior in any situation, filmed or not, seemed like something worth mentioning.  Because, the overall point of my art piece is that people shouldn't make snap judgments and should inquire before assuming anything they've read or seen is factual regardless of whether presented as fact or fiction.  This is particularly true in an age of massive deceptive marketing and profiteering off of fraud, abuse, and exploitation. 

The bulk of information and articles provided by HEAL prior to the July 4th, 2018 "Twitter Jail" situation, are accurate and all sources cited.  HEAL does not typically go into full satire or parody mode and the last couple of months have been experimental.  In addition, the Kingpin article seems fair enough given the legitimate concerns surrounding the "conspiracy".  However, one will need to investigate and inquire as to whether or not anyone had the mens rea to have been guilty of any crime.  The 5th Columnists at RAND Corporation and in the DNC are definitely guilty.  And, anyone with possible investments in UAE banks (including Citi, First Gulf Bank, etc.) should likely divest immediately and publicly expose any information they may have regarding 9/11, Yemen, or the like.  It may also be recommended that those who divest actively expose everyone involved and demand an end to modern slavery, debt slavery, debt peonage, indentured servitude, and human trafficking as loudly as fucking possible until the situation is resolved.

That being said, comedy is a tool for handling trauma triggers and the like.  And, I was blending art and activism to lead by example to encourage other victims to just let it flow out without any self-editing or self-censorship.  By "let it flow out", I mean let all the pain, anger, frustration, sorrow, despair, hope, and rage come out without worrying what anyone else might think or say.  (See: I said some shit about my mother I thought might get me in hot water.  But, she understood once I explained that I had to use Aikido and #TaoFu to maximize the strength of my own weaknesses, judge my own history and family first, and then weave or dance between blaming the world and blaming myself until reaching a point of understanding that we are all responsible for the state of the world and we all must commit to reasonable discourse in order to solve real world problems.

Both privately and publicly I said some shit that no one would likely desire to see or hear.  And, I said it to individuals who have done things publicly that I would have preferred not to see or hear and of which I was not effectively warned prior to exposure.  However, like with all things, I chose to endure those sights and sounds.  It was not a "Clockwork Orange" situation where I was tied to a chair and forced to watch anything with my eyes taped open.  And, part of my display was a "mock" of people who exploit being a victim for personal gain and attention.  I hate people like that and I seem often unable to avoid them.  So, I thought I would include how I see them in my art piece.  While many may have felt validated to see that I was like them after all, the truth is, I am not like that at all and I get very annoyed by people who do that.  I feel it is unfair and lacks reason to unleash one's rage on people who just happen to trigger you by accident. 

I did go above and beyond the call of duty for this piece and I involved the FBI, legislators, friends, and media personalities at times without their fully informed consent.  But, I was managing a delicate balance and art gets messy sometimes.  I'm sure we've all been there. 

I don't respect stupid or evil.  And, I genuinely like and respect Sean Stone and Oliver Stone.  I drafted them both into the piece (publicly and privately) because I figured they would both be most likely to understand it once the entirety was revealed.  See, Oliver Stone is not a hack or a fraud.  And, I wanted to show how obnoxious critics are because I'm always criticized even though I work really hard and do my best and I wanted to involve them both in a real conspiracy as an homage to their bodies of work.  But, without this explanation I understand that people may have gotten the wrong impression.  And, this is why you really need to know an artist and their body of work (including life experiences) before saying anything about it unless you are just an asshole. 

Being an improvisational performance art piece, I did tell Sean he should post on the following, "Performance Art Piece (PAP), what is this, a "pap smear"?"  But, he is too much of a gentleman to have used that joke to respond.  It would have made an excellent punch-line for the overall comedic portion though.  I sent a screenshot of that private message from me to Sean to the FBI.  So, everyone was a bit confused.  I still think it is funny and that laughter is the best medicine for trauma.

That being said, I'm exhausted and have had enough with being a target of harassment and non-stop abuse because I commit to human rights and stopping modern slavery.  So, I'm going to embrace the merger of art and life and see if the angels are still in the outfield.  If you do not understand anything, you may be taking me entirely out of context.  I suggest learning the entire span of my work from the entire HEAL website (over 1 million pages of content), my entire literary works (including free e-books through HEAL), this blog, The HEAL Report web series, and ask me anything about myself after you've done so.  I'll be happy to get back with someone showing such a legitimate interest.  However, if you take me or anyone I love and respect out of context for personal attention or publicity, I will possibly make an example of you.

For example, going back through the history of this blog, you may recall a defense of Drake and Roseanne Barr against alleged smears and out of context comments made on a popular RT show.  And, said show has yet to apologize to Drake and Roseanne.  I also did not see them get an invitation to share their side or point of view during said attack/smear.  It appeared some blond moron just wanted to jump on a bandwagon to take statements out of context and make herself seem hip regarding pop culture.  So, some of this performance art was a "mock" of Tabetha Wallace for her actions and an admonishment of Sean Stone for not demanding a fair retraction or invitation for Drake and Roseanne Barr to appear on the show to address the smear job.  At least my reports have a basis in fact and cited sources.  And, I did research.  I didn't just see a pop up of Drake or hear Morning Joe and think, "hey, let's cover that and jump on the I hate everyone bandwagon".  I actually spent years researching the connections between RAND Corporation, Petroleum Club, etc. and found a connection that coupled with everything else going on freaked me the fuck out.  But, I calmed down and processed it all artfully and publicly in order to lead by example, humble myself, and make a pertinent point regarding perception, communication, and artistic interpretation of symbolism.

So, Oliver Stone may wish to distance himself from the Democrats to avoid guilt by association.  He's been too chummy with Keith Ellison lately.  Ellison needs to switch to Green Party or Libertarian (or even Republican at this point) if he wants to be taken seriously in the future.  Sean Stone is awesome and never does anything wrong ever.  And, I'm awesome too.  If you don't understand someone's art or don't appreciate it, shut the fuck up.  Don't say shit or pass judgment unless you've actually reviewed and studied the entirety of someone's life and understand their artistic expression enough to make a legitimate comment worthy of consideration. 

Sometimes I do things out of character in order to present an opportunity to set an example for others.  You may consider the last couple of months in part an expression of that.  My art was reflecting the world as I see it from my perspective.  I blended art with life.  So, deal with that reality and if I'm too smart for you, don't bother me.  I'm only interested in interacting with smart people from now on.  Smart people will enjoy this article.  If you didn't, don't contact me or HEAL.  Thank you.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Legal and Philosophical Argument for Abolishing Segregated Congregate Care in the United States of America

The Legal and Philosophical Argument for Abolishing Segregated Congregate Care in the United States of America

by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

I am a woman of faith.  In regards to philosophy of mind, or what some refer to as mental health and wellness, I prefer Abraham Maslow, an American Psychologist to any who may have been influenced by fascists in Europe before founding RAND Corporation in 1950 at 1776 Main St in Santa Monica, CA.  Since RAND Corporation is the front for the British Empire, the street address alone is a big insult.  But, I digress. 

In regards to religious faith, I consider myself ecumenical and entertain ideas from multiple religions.  However, I live my life to the best of my ability in a manner I feel best exemplifies the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I see Jesus Christ as an activist who fought for the poor and cared about prison reform and prisoner's rights.  He fed the hungry and I hope you get the point on that one.  I live my faith.  I see the bible overall as a choice between war and love.  Genesis has two versions, so does Revelations.  I don't want to digress too much.  But, I could write a book on Genesis and Revelations and my understanding of it if it would be useful to anyone.  I may consider doing so.  I choose the right path offered in the bible, the majority seem to have chosen wrong which is why we're always afraid of "end times".  None of this is on me.  None of it.

Mental Health is a religion and not a science.  Instead of "sins", they punish or convert you and/or your "behavior" (even when it is legal and generally accepted socially).  They do this through a reward and consequence system, sometimes having you punish yourself.  They don't go so far in most cases to suggest actual flogging, but, it is almost identical.  They use "confrontation" and "peer pressure" as a means to convert those not more advanced in "thought reform" (what they call "religious" conversion in the secular community).[1]  And, they make up diagnoses based on who is most likely to dissent or have faith.  Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) is simply a young person who dissents or protests "too much" for the liking of those in authority.  So, now we have two constitutional bases for challenging any involuntary institutionalization on first amendment grounds.

Here is the First Amendment to the US Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  (You may find this of interest:

If you couple the First Amendment with the Equal Protection Clause (14th Amendment), you understand that just because someone wants to convert you to their way of thinking, doesn't mean they have the right to force you to convert.  (This depends on the court's interpretation of the clause which varies and can fail to provide equal protection because it is read by some courts to mean solely another phrase for "due process" and judicial authority rather than actual rights of citizens to equal protection as is the common understanding.)  We all have the right to our own faith and religion.  You can't use Freedom of Religion as a basis to force others to think like you.  If you do, you have to accept that everyone has the same right and can try to force you to think like them.  This leads to hostility and often civil war.  So, it is likely best if we enforce the rights of all citizens by not allowing one group to label others and then force them to convert to their point of view.  This is certainly true when there has been no due process and the individual poses no imminent threat or danger to themselves or others.  Unless my years in law school were completely wasted, this is correct.  So, I can back up the case against the "mental health industry", no problem.  The actual documentation is all over the HEAL website.  But, you can start with this one: 

Freedom of speech includes the right to dissent.[2]  So, when "mental" or "behavioral" "health professionals" tell someone they are not allowed to have their own ideas and opinions and they need to conform (even though they exhibit no behavior that is illegal or criminal, nor criminal idea communicated or shared), they are pushing their beliefs and values on others.  If someone voluntarily subjects themselves to this conversion, that is their legal right to do so.  However, any involuntary placement or requirement, (including that which is a result of duress, undue influence, coercion, or deceptive marketing), is a violation of the equal protection clause and first amendment.  While we may not be able to outlaw any religion, we should be able to protect everyone's rights to choose their own faith, think freely, and speak their mind even when they have a dissenting opinion or point of view.

The mental health industry as it is known today is primarily a 5th column operation organized by RAND Corporation and their British counterparts at Tavistock.[3]  They are literally trying to reclaim the United States while using our military to expand and "reclaim" the British Empire.  They are that stupid, evil, and immature.  I want to rescue Monty Python, Eddie Izzard, and The Rolling Stones at this point.  Others too, but, we're in this together.

President Trump is a hero for getting rid of Jeff Sessions.  Sessions actually got rid of protections for the disabled and greatly reduced the civil rights division of the Department of Justice so enforcement is unlikely under his authority.  That's normally where we'd present this problem to request someone redress our grievances.  But, there are some issues right now.  So, I hope any lawyers reading this can use the constitution as a basis for taking out the entire segregated congregate care industry.  In addition, the government should immediately discontinue all funding of segregated congregate care because it is in direct violation of the 1st, 5th, 14th, and likely other amendments in the constitution.  Otherwise, our taxes are literally paying for our enslavement (conversion to obedient consumerism and settling for less) and we should have another tea party.  Take this as you wish.

Anyone who promotes the view that it is alright to institutionalize and convert another American by force to any point of view is not a true American and is a traitor.  I'm going to act accordingly and hope you do as well.  And, it doesn't matter to me if we are talking secular or faith-based institutions.  I referenced the Muslim Cleric Gulen, a terrorist from Turkey, running "charter schools" who was brought here by the Clintons in previous articles and online posts.  I think it is important that we make sure no one is forced to convert to any point of view that is not their own.  I hope we can all agree on that without having a meltdown over Sharia Law.  Our constitution protects us.  We just have to demand a redress of grievances effectively.  And, I've given you a winning argument and strategy so go for it.

Additional Resources and Evidence: (This article is more philosophy than science.  Trust me.)

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Art of Reason and #TaoFu

The Art of Reason and #TaoFu
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

For this article, I will be providing a list of problems and solutions.  I will give examples of reason, logic, and #TaoFu.  I will not identify whether one or all three are being used.  I will leave that up to you to decide.

Problem #1: An individual seeking refuge, sanctuary, or asylum is offered the opportunity for self-improvement at a facility of the same or similar name.  Upon arrival, they are put in work scrubs and told that the facility (farm, camp, etc.) primarily uses "work therapy" to assist with "life-controlling" or "behavioral" issues.  This can happen to both foreign residents and domestic citizens.

Solution #1: Know where you are going before you get there.  Do not fall for the "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" trick.  See: and  This film was way more important than "Mary Poppins".  Sending or taking family members away for self-improvement while enslaving them and telling everyone to ignore the problem, that's how fascism happens.  So, I've been trying to warn you for a while.  See rest of blog.

In discussion of the above example, consider whether or not "Mary Poppins" inspired sympathy for bankers and the wealthy class and was therefore likely a RAND Corporation influenced film.  Also, consider whether or not "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" might have been the CIA trying to warn everyone about RAND Corporation taking children away to labor camps and hoping that the public would get the hint before 2018 (50 years after the films debut).  President Obama was serious when he said change requires everyone to participate.[1]  Whether President Obama was #TaoFu or actually mocking legitimate activists is up to you.  He knows how I feel.  I wrote him a poem for his birthday while still in office.  It was about saving children.

Problem #2: A private "charitable" corporation is laundering money for a major political party, big oil, Dow Index, Wall Street Journal, Clinton Foundation, and more while actively lobbying, donating over $500,000 to Democrats, and "influencing" public policy while meeting with defense contractors, the Saudi Prince, and United Arab Emirates.  The same corporation targeted me and my organization and has been harassing us almost since inception.  It was the targeting of my organization and my research into those targeting me that led me to uncover the conspiracy.  I fell in love along the way.

Solution #2: This is where it gets tricky.  I've been working on this solution for some time.  I'm going to write a book, consider this a preview.  I reported to local police, regional FBI, remote FBI, and congress.  I've outlined what appears to be prima facie evidence of RICO violations and money-laundering.  I've communicated creatively in hopes to make my point with a touch of humor.  However, I feel the evidence alone is enough for the government to take seriously the fact that RAND Corp is engaging in a soft coup against President Trump right now.  It is a soft coup because he is still alive.  This isn't Chile and he is part of the 1%.  So, they won't kill him.  They will keep targeting, harassing, and maligning him through ongoing smear and propaganda campaigns so he can't accomplish anything while the Republicans scream at the Democrats and the Democrats say "Whatever, you care too much."  So, one solution I am adopting, since I lead by example, is to support Trump as much as I would historically be disinclined to do based on misunderstandings caused by media bias and propaganda.

When considering the above problem and solution, please see earlier blog posts.  In particular, check for the Oliver Stone Conspiracy.  The choice is yours.  The facts and sources are cited.  I've reported as much as I can.  You will need to share the article with your legislators and demand action if you want things to change.  The same is true with contacting law enforcement to report crime.  Reporting to an advocacy organization or network like HEAL, without speaking out publicly or making official complaints with actual authorities, doesn't change things.  And, since most of us, including me, have PTSD, listening to a bunch of triggers day in and day out while no one calls the police or reports to the authorities feels like a mock even when it may not be.  Does that make sense?  We're here to educate the public and influence public policy to help stop the abuse and make sure the laws are strong, don't have absurd loopholes that leave people in jeopardy, and are effectively enforced.  And, that's what I do and will continue to do unless they kill me like they did Edgar A. Poe.  Then, again, it will be up to you.
I'm not giving any more examples right now.  That's enough for you.  You may not even read this and if you do, that should be plenty to think about and act on.  So, good luck with that.  If you enjoyed this article you may also enjoy this Facebook page:

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Kingpin of Hollywood

The Kingpin of Hollywood
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Oliver Stone appears to consider himself the meanest gangster in Hollywood.  He uses his celebrity to engage in political propaganda for the Democrats.  George W. Bush should consider suing for misappropriation of name and likeness.  The same goes for the Kennedy family and anyone else who may feel Stone misrepresented them in supposed biopics. 

A curiosity is whether Oliver Stone was threatening or mocking a specific drug lord with "Scarface".  In that film, it seems the point or message is that anyone who puts love and family first is weak.  That is an amoral message if I ever came across one.  And, it doesn't stop there.  You know he's really a Wall Street brat, right?  See previous blog post at:  He's been getting rich off wars for oil while mocking everyone who is actually anti-war and pro-peace.  That's his whole shtick.  Kind of disgusting, right?

I'm not even going to get into "Platoon" other than to say it was too easy.  Everyone knew the war was not won.  So, he could laugh at America's failure while still seeming to give a shit.  That's nice, right?  I prefer "Full Metal Jacket" best.  It was truly the best of the Vietnam War films.  That's my opinion.  Was Kubrick exposing Stone in "Full Metal Jacket"?  How about any of his other films?  You think on that one.

In "UTURN", there is a nasty father/daughter ongoing incestuous rape done in a lustful manner which is triggering and offensive to victims of rape.  In "Natural Born Killers", Mallory is a victim of incestuous rape and is "rescued" by Mickey who later kidnaps a stranger and rapes her in front of Mallory.  Talk about "trigger-happy" directing.  See, we know it was Stone and not Tarantino too.  Tarantino includes rape, but not graphic, and the rapists get their asses handed to them with no sympathy.  Stone is a total asshole and misogynist pig.  Or, do you have another interpretation for this garbage some call "Oscar-Worthy" art?  (Love Tarantino, "Natural Born Killers" would have been unwatchable without his artistry.)

I find Stone's work forgettable and mentioned that previously.  But, the fact that his entire life has been spent fucking everyone over and allegedly laundering money for the United Arab Emirates, RAND Corporation, and the Democrats while mocking the United States of America and helping to destroy western civilization and any hope for democracy without propaganda and constant war, is a bit much even for a huge fan of his beautiful, talented, genius of a son, Sean Stone.  (I believe the HBO show "The Sopranos" may have been a mock of the Stone family.  Think about it.)



Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Oliver Stone Conspiracy

The Oliver Stone Conspiracy
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

William Oliver Stone, better known as Oscar Winning Director Oliver Stone, is likely, in my opinion,  a hack and a fraud.  Beyond this, he is likely a criminal (keep reading).  I'm taking Melissa Gilbert's word for it.  She said he sexually harassed (assault is when you put someone in fear of a battery such as rape, so, assaulted may also apply)  her and his excuse was that everyone knew he was raunchy.  Look it up.  All public record.  Well, I don't know how "raunchy" Mr. Stone is, but, Gilbert had sex with a dog on FX's "Nip/Tuck", so, guessing pretty fucking raunchy.  Beyond this, his films are forgettable and nothing more than self-indulgent garbage intended to confuse the masses with RAND Corporation narratives disparaging the CIA. 

Taking into account his poor excuses for cinema, one must wonder if any of the scenes in "UTURN" were revelatory about his appetites.  For example, why was the incestuous rape scene between father and daughter in the film so lustful?  And, I also wonder if "Tropic Thunder" was a mock of Oliver Stone, Nick Nolte's character specifically.

That's just the Hollywood snooze news and gossip.  But, you should pay attention.  I mentioned RAND Corporation.  Now, what is the connection? 

Oliver Stone most likely invests in First Gulf Bank, HAB Bank, and United Central Bank.  The reason for this presumption is a 19 year old, very close to Oliver Stone, got a job as a credit analyst at First Gulf Bank in the early 2000s.  So, how a 19 year old got such a position without knowing an owner or key shareholder is puzzling to say the least.  Given a reasonable deduction, Oliver Stone is most likely so invested.  Checking his bank records may assist with any needed conclusions. 

Now, First Gulf Bank engages in internationally syndicated debt-based economics and modern slavery.[1]  This is called "globalization" by Alex Jones and his dedicated viewers.  First Gulf Bank is headquartered in Abu Dhabi.[2]  Also headquartered in Abu Dhabi is The Petroleum Club, which has locations worldwide.  It is an actual thing.  First Gulf Bank is connected to United Arab Emirates (UAE).[3]  And, the UAE are members of The Petroleum Club.[4]  Saudi Arabia and the UAE are different in that the UAE is controlled by the British and more involved in economics, trade, and "development", while Saudi Arabia is more for show, like the British "Royals".  So, the issue we have is with UAE and not so much Saudi Arabia when it comes to the bombing in Yemen.[5]  We need to talk to England about their continued imperialism, don't we?  Is the US a free country or do we need to re-fight the revolutionary war?  Alex Jones seems to think so.

"Today Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman began his visit to Los Angeles, where among other business leaders he and his entourage will not only meet major defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing but also executives at Disney and RAND Corporation in Santa Monica."[6]

Now, does the Prince meet on behalf of the UAE or Saudi Arabia?  Does it matter?  Am I getting off track?  See, the connections are there.  So, what about money-laundering?

Well, let me give you some examples and hopefully you will share this article with law enforcement and national security agencies so they can help stop the soft coup being organized by the UAE and RAND Corporation against the United States.  Okay?  Here it goes...

Oliver Stone is a Wall Street Banker from a Wall Street family.  First Gulf Bank is more than likely a big part of his portfolio.  Reasons already provided to FBI.  But, they may need to hear from more of us before taking any action.  I've established the connection between all of them satisfactorily I hope and believe. 

So, RAND Corporation is run by Karen Elliott House who also runs and owns The Wall Street Journal.  Are you with me?  Okay.  RAND Corporation is supposedly a non-profit charity.[7]  Now, what is a "charity" doing meeting with defense contractors and the Saudi Prince?  Does it bother anyone that they are also running the Wall Street Journal?  Am I the only one seeing the connection here? 

RAND Corporation was founded in 1950 and was likely wholly responsible for the blacklisting of multiple Hollywood stars and elite during the "red scare" they orchestrated when they began to influence Hollywood.  In addition, they are arguably responsible for the death of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe (see earlier blog entries and  Beyond this, they turned great cinema into garbage by re-making and re-writing such films as "Love Affair" and "Imitation of Life".  The re-makes were racist and not aligned with the spirit of the original films.  Look into it at your leisure.  (Side Note: RAND Corporation has infiltrated Disney, ABC, and GAIA, among others.  See facebook link above for more citations and info.  It is all there.)

That's more Hollywood stories...  But, you may be more interested in the political side of this story.  See, RAND Corporation has donated a traceable amount of $500,000 mostly to the Democrats.[8]  RAND Corporation lobbies on behalf of defense contractors and oil companies, among others.[9]  They are a charity, so, that's cool, right?  The Clinton Foundation and RAND Corporation are very close and work together.[10]  Hillary Clinton donated $250 to Donald Trump for his presidential campaign through the Clinton Foundation in 2016.[11]

So, it is my theory that there is a soft coup by a bunch of rich assholes who can't handle that the United States of America is a free country and they've been using all means at their disposal to destroy western civilization through the guise of business and charity.  I think we can do better.  And, I think the above proves money-laundering and RICO violations.  Or, at least provides a basis for a serious investigation, don't you?

I'm tired of propaganda and I unbelievably am switching to Republican if there are no Libertarian or Green Party candidates to choose on the ballot.  Does everyone agree we should have ranked choice voting and a more open democracy or am I crazy?

[Side Note:  Sean C. A. Stone was given over 24 hours to edit or suggest changes to this story.  He was offered the by-line and a complete editorial control over the content if changes were submitted before the 11pm deadline.  He has been given the option to request editing or changes after publication.  He is innocent and not to be maligned or unfairly associated with Wall Street criminals regardless of family ties.]