Friday, May 18, 2018

Alternative Theory on JFK Assassination

Alternative Theory on JFK Assassination
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

John F. Kennedy had an affair with Marilyn Monroe.[1]  Marilyn Monroe was a genius who appreciated intelligence, but, was treated like a whore by the industry.  On a list she made on a lark regarding which celebrities she found sexiest, she included Albert Einstein.[2]

Monroe had talent for drama and comedy.  She was diverse and poetic in her actions and movements.  Her love life was filled with turmoil likely because everyone was attracted to her, but, didn't really want to know her.  She looked for love and found only lust sometimes disguised by flattery.

Kennedy, having taken advantage of her to an extent, was afraid that the truth would come out and there would be a scandal.  It is likely that the RAND Corporation or some similar outfit had her killed to silence her and avoid any scandal involving infidelity in the "Camelot" administration.

The Central Intelligence Agency, horrified by the loss of America's sweetheart, decided it was unacceptable to assassinate such a beautiful artist to keep up appearances and avoid a scandal of one's own making as a result of moral turpitude.  So, they arranged to have Kennedy killed so he could ironically maintain his illusion of grandeur while avoiding his sex scandal becoming the basis of his memorial in time. 

Now, this is just a theory.  But, I think it is as plausible as any other.  And, perhaps the CIA was trying to help and achieve justice for the loss of an American icon.  Or, you could just conclude this belongs in the annals of Mad Magazine.