Monday, June 25, 2018

How To Spot A Maenad

How To Spot A Maenad
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

A Maenad is a mad or demented woman according to Greek lore and legend.  They have no magic powers and try to use and enslave children, real women, and men as their personal piggybanks.  They promote racism and strange notions of what it is appropriate to do with family members. 

It is hard to say whether or not psychotic men are simply responding to years of abuse from a Maenad or group of Maenads in their vicinity.  Sometimes, when you've been tortured for decades, you become so angry that you snap and take your frustrations out on the innocent.  This is an unfortunate consequence of Maenad abuse.

Maenads, in my estimation, were a horrible mistake involving a mishap with flies.  This is why they enjoy Coca-Cola because there is a problem at the factory.  Coca-Cola does not keep the area above the cylinders clean and there is often fly residue falling into their products.  This is one reason Maenads love to drink Coca-Cola.  As someone with a keen palate, I can always taste the nasty when served Coca-Cola.  This is why I choose alternative beverages.

As with non-human insects, smoke helps confuse and deter them from becoming too big a bother.  They really hate tobacco smoke.  But, all smoke bothers them.  There is a study from St. Andrews University[1] showing that birds line their nests with cigarette butts to keep their homes pest-free.  This is a lesson human beings should take to heart when working to protect their homes from pests, including Maenads.

In short, if you have a Maenad in your life, you should expel them immediately by any means necessary.  If they've been raping children, defrauding family members, borrowing money with no intention to pay it back, running up credit card debt, playing mind games to confuse you with lies and misinformation, killing pets in front of you, or any similar behavior, please contact the authorities or at least tell them to "go to hell" and get away from them pronto.

Anyone who continues to abuse, rape, and murder children believing that someday they may become the next Hillary Clinton, really deserves the death penalty, in my opinion.  It is my hope that you agree.

In addition, if you enter a house that uses McCormick seasoning, they have no taste.  There may be a Maenad in the vicinity.  If you see a nursery rhyme book with a witch or maenad on the cover, it is intended as a spell book (these people are really stupid) and meant to instill fear and introduce mind control at an early age.  If you look through the pages of such books, you will find allegories for raping, brainwashing, and murdering people.  In looking through a copy of one recently, I found in the middle a black baby hanging from a tree.  This disgusted me beyond measure.  If you find cookbooks in the house of someone who doesn't cook and/or doesn't cook well, especially if it is about crockery cooking, then they are a Maenad.  And, if they really believe any power comes from what they do to good people in weird rituals based on poorly written nursery rhymes, they are stupid beyond compare.  The humane thing would be to just terminate them.  But, to avoid any jail-time yourself, you may want to turn them in for their crimes instead of taking the law into your own hands.  Smoke them if you got 'em.


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