Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tabetha Wallace Is A No Talent Hack

Tabetha Wallace Is A No Talent Hack
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Tabetha Wallace has worked on many forgettable projects including "Night of the Alien" (2011), "The Rage" (2017), and participated in introducing abusive and degrading behavior modification rituals to what was initially an enjoyable contest for aspiring chefs (Hell's Kitchen on Fox). 

Beyond that, her IMDb page only shows her listed as an "actress", "miscellaneous crew", and "producer".  She has no talent as an "actress" and doesn't understand the basics of fine art.  So, she is a liar on top of having no talent at all.  "Miscellaneous Crew" usually indicates someone has been hired to "handle" her co-stars and use whatever means necessary to control them and censor their free expression.  Beyond this, a producer credit usually suggests someone comes from money unless they actually worked on the project.  Wallace does no research and simply says the dumbest things on camera which proves she has money and was not raised poor.  When your family owns a farm, they are not poor.  So, her "poor me"/"humble beginnings" line is truly too much to listen to when she constantly shows everyone what a spoiled white girl she is and what she thinks of minorities off and on set.

One African American co-worker called her out on her racism.  Tabetha gave her a necklace or "trinket" to "make nice" and shut her up.  Epic fail.  She dresses like a prostitute on set and continually makes inappropriate comments to male co-workers.  She has done this on air multiple times and is completely inappropriate when Lee Camp is a guest.  I understand why he discontinued being on the Friday show.  I know she has offered to give "lip service" to multiple co-workers in hopes to use the encounter to fake a #metoo to control them.  It is part of her training for how to manipulate and control others.

My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced this type of manipulation.  It is truly despicable the way some beautiful artists are treated by no talent hacks who think they can use their heritage as a weapon against real families.  I'm so disgusted by all of this that I am taking a break from watching RT until Tabetha is off the air.  Anyone else at RT who has been participating in her abuse or assisting her in her efforts to exploit others should also be shown the door.  RT is better than that. 

Tabetha is not pretty enough to be eye-candy and not smart enough to contribute to the conversation.  So, why on earth she remains on air is beyond me.  I truly hope RT will make the right decision and get rid of this racist, bigoted, horrible excuse for an on air personality.  She certainly has no business worthy of consideration.

Finally, on Twitter @TabethaWatching back in March or around then, she admitted publicly that she is "the devil".  So, when one white bitch continually says she's "white" and writes on twitter that she is "the devil", maybe take her word for it on that one.  Don't carry water for her like some of her "guests".  It is beneath you.

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