Monday, July 9, 2018

Why Hillary Clinton IS NOT a Real Life "Wonder Woman"

Why Hillary Clinton IS NOT a Real Life "Wonder Woman"
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Like Tabetha Wallace, Hillary Clinton has seriously gone to great lengths to shame victims of sexual assault, exploitation, racism, and modern slavery.  In addition, Hillary Clinton is a liar and protects and associates with known (alleged) pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein and John Podesta.  Now, Diana Prince (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) opposes sexual assault, exploitation, racism, lies/deception, and modern slavery.  In addition, she protects people from exploitation and opposes the NAZIs.  Clinton's top donors included George Soros, who admits to being a Nazi collaborator. 

If Hillary Clinton is being vague in her comparison of herself to "Wonder Woman" and solely associates with the Amazonian myth of the character, then there may be a grain of honesty in her claims.  But, Wonder Woman left the Amazonian-lifestyle to help men and mankind against brutal tyranny and enslavement of dissenters.  So, again, Hillary Clinton has missed the mark and like Tabetha Wallace proven she is too stupid to understand the subtext of even a children's comic book series.  How could anyone expect her to be qualified to run a country if she can't even understand comic books?

That being said, the Amazonian myth reports: "According to Diodorus, the Amazons under the rule of Queen Myrina, invaded the lands of the Atlantians. Amazons defeated the army of the Atlantian city of Cerne, treated the captives savagely, killed all the men, led into slavery the children and women, and razed the city."[1] In addition, it is reported that the Amazonian myth may have been a fictionalized account of the Scythians.  This is interesting since in "Star Wars" the bad guys with the evil empire are known as "Sith Lords", which may be a hint as to what is at stake in the 2020 election if Hillary Clinton runs and the Democratic National Committee is so stupid or corrupt that they choose to nominate her again.  And, most everyone has seen the George Soros as the Sith Lord meme on Twitter.

I would prefer to defeat the NAZIs and see Hillary Clinton and anyone who still supports her dead, insane, or in jail.  By insane, I mean institutionalized in an asylum because in Greek mythology, a Maenad is a "mad and demented woman" and it seems fitting to lock up such people.  Typically, I would not support institutionalizing anyone.  But, in this case, consider me "Kafkaesque".  I agree with Abraham Lincoln who said, ""Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it."[2]  Since Hillary Clinton and her friends (i.e. Tipper Gore) have been promoting the unlawful imprisonment and exploitation of minors in private prisons/labor camps masquerading as treatment centers and boarding schools for over 30 years and expanded the war on drugs and current US prison population, she clearly is someone who prefers war to peace and slavery/prison to constitutional freedoms.  In hopes to give her what she wants, let us wage a war of words and give her a life in prison without parole where she can experience slavery firsthand.  That's the best she deserves.

[2] Abraham Lincoln, letter to H.L. Pierce, April 6, 1859. From the series Great Ideas of Western Man.

Friday, July 6, 2018


By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

We first noticed an issue when our website was hacked and some of the links were changed from legitimate websites to pornographic websites.  Then, we noticed misspellings and changes to names of facilities on the watch-list at that were done through unauthorized access.  This happened in the early 2000s. 

Recently, we've noticed some of our videos on have been edited without our knowledge or consent.  The editing has been done in a way that does not match the script or the original videos that remain saved offline.  Most of the content appears to be the same, but, we have not had a chance to compare every original to every video and some of the originals no longer exist. 

Some of our volunteers have reported not receiving e-mails, not getting their alerts, and similar issues.  Others have reported receiving "spoofed" messages in which the sender appears to be a friend or ally, but, the message is actually fake.  You can check this usually by seeing if the return e-mail address is the same as the one shown in your inbox.  I've personally deleted e-mails that are questionable that appear to be "spoofed" because they often contain one or more viruses.

Beyond this, on July 4th, 2018, we celebrated by having a #FirstAmendmentRevolution on our Twitter account at  Twitter arbitrarily put a "temporary restriction" status on our account so we cannot Tweet or access most of the functions of that account at this time.  As a result, we are currently tweeting from a secondary HEAL account at  Please follow us on that account for current information and updates.  Both accounts have been experiencing strange phenomenon with people being added to and removed from our following and follower lists.  We have not unfollowed anyone from either account.  We have not blocked any followers on either account.  If you follow us or want to show your support, please go to the above linked account and follow us.

On top of all of this, we've been receiving harassing e-mails and calls.  There have been more death threats to us and people we love (both publicly and privately).  And, the corporate bullshit has grown exponentially with requests to advertise on our site.  Of course, we always decline.

We have filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General and hope that our civil liberties will be fully protected and restored as soon as possible.  In the meantime, expect us to become more controversial than you could ever imagine and stay tuned to the #FirstAmendmentRevolution!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Ways of Interpreting Batman

Ways of Interpreting Batman
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Batman's back story is that he is filthy rich and pissed off because some street "thug" (Joe Chill) robbed and killed his parents, stealing his mother's pearls or breaking the necklace (a symbol of false wisdom), who becomes a "superhero" to avenge the death of his parents.  He fails to realize that his parents contributed to the problem of wealth inequality which led to the desperation of characters like The Joker who are simply trying to survive in the modern jungle.  In continuing in their exploitative business practices, he himself could be considered a "Two-Face" and Batman and Two-Face may be allegorical or represent the reality of both men as balancing good and evil within. 

However, Two-Face started out as a hero and becomes a villain when he realizes the system is too corrupt to be fixed from within.  He chooses to give up and turn to a life of crime since he sees no heroes in the vicinity.  In addition, Batman is a player who seduces women which makes him kind of a whore of sorts.  This is one interpretation and may explain why Two-Face turns to crime in order to mock the supposed "superhero" in the "black mask". 

Beyond this, other "villains" in the Batman series are all victims of exploitation, crime, intellectual property theft (i.e. The Riddler), and various forms of oppression.  Since Batman is trying to make sure they stay in their place and avoid challenging his authority or that of the den of thieves known as the "upper class" in modern society, he himself may be considered a villain and people misread the comic book.

Of course, we also have the Suicide Squad which is obviously a group of people who have been used in human experiments and therefore have a valid reason to challenge the status quo and give a big "fuck you" to those responsible.  Since Wayne Enterprises works on defense contracts, among other things, it is clear that Batman is most likely a symbol of the RAND Corporation.  A symbol that on the outside may seem benign or helpful, but, beneath the facade is actually responsible for the world's suffering.

Now, it gets even worse...  Batman, a supposed womanizing bachelor, adopts a male gymnast named Robin that he continually puts in dangerous situations where his life is threatened.  They have an underground lair (like a dungeon or basement) where they play "dress up" and you can read into that what you like.  But, as far as I understand it, when a single man adopts a gymnast and plays with the kid in a dark cave or basement, it isn't a good thing for anyone involved. 

For these reasons, I tend to root for the "villains" in the Batman series.  And, I have always preferred Superman/Clark Kent.  Superman always does the right thing, helps people for the sake of doing good in the world, and is loyal to the woman he loves.  He is also an honest journalist and protector of all that is good.  So, in a battle between Batman and Superman, I'm for Superman all the way.  And, Superman actually has super powers, unlike Batman who just uses his defense contracts to use the money to build and experiment with weaponized toys for his own personal gain and pleasure. 

That said, I loved "The Dark Knight" and Christian Bale did a great job.  I have no issue with any actor who has taken on the role and believe that good people see the good and sometimes buy propaganda without questioning more.  It is great to like cool gadgets and want a hero to make the streets safer.  But, the streets should be safe for everyone, not just those who can afford a night on the town and are too stupid to dress down when visiting the city at night.  I also think Alfred should have been given an early paid retirement as soon as Bruce was old enough to take care of himself instead of being held captive for companionship for a boy who never grew up and couldn't understand that his parents had it coming.
[Note: I love what Kevin Smith did to improve the storyline with Bluntman and Chronic.  Now, that's a dynamic duo I can get behind.]