Friday, July 6, 2018


By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

We first noticed an issue when our website was hacked and some of the links were changed from legitimate websites to pornographic websites.  Then, we noticed misspellings and changes to names of facilities on the watch-list at that were done through unauthorized access.  This happened in the early 2000s. 

Recently, we've noticed some of our videos on have been edited without our knowledge or consent.  The editing has been done in a way that does not match the script or the original videos that remain saved offline.  Most of the content appears to be the same, but, we have not had a chance to compare every original to every video and some of the originals no longer exist. 

Some of our volunteers have reported not receiving e-mails, not getting their alerts, and similar issues.  Others have reported receiving "spoofed" messages in which the sender appears to be a friend or ally, but, the message is actually fake.  You can check this usually by seeing if the return e-mail address is the same as the one shown in your inbox.  I've personally deleted e-mails that are questionable that appear to be "spoofed" because they often contain one or more viruses.

Beyond this, on July 4th, 2018, we celebrated by having a #FirstAmendmentRevolution on our Twitter account at  Twitter arbitrarily put a "temporary restriction" status on our account so we cannot Tweet or access most of the functions of that account at this time.  As a result, we are currently tweeting from a secondary HEAL account at  Please follow us on that account for current information and updates.  Both accounts have been experiencing strange phenomenon with people being added to and removed from our following and follower lists.  We have not unfollowed anyone from either account.  We have not blocked any followers on either account.  If you follow us or want to show your support, please go to the above linked account and follow us.

On top of all of this, we've been receiving harassing e-mails and calls.  There have been more death threats to us and people we love (both publicly and privately).  And, the corporate bullshit has grown exponentially with requests to advertise on our site.  Of course, we always decline.

We have filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General and hope that our civil liberties will be fully protected and restored as soon as possible.  In the meantime, expect us to become more controversial than you could ever imagine and stay tuned to the #FirstAmendmentRevolution!

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