Monday, July 9, 2018

Why Hillary Clinton IS NOT a Real Life "Wonder Woman"

Why Hillary Clinton IS NOT a Real Life "Wonder Woman"
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Like Tabetha Wallace, Hillary Clinton has seriously gone to great lengths to shame victims of sexual assault, exploitation, racism, and modern slavery.  In addition, Hillary Clinton is a liar and protects and associates with known (alleged) pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein and John Podesta.  Now, Diana Prince (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) opposes sexual assault, exploitation, racism, lies/deception, and modern slavery.  In addition, she protects people from exploitation and opposes the NAZIs.  Clinton's top donors included George Soros, who admits to being a Nazi collaborator. 

If Hillary Clinton is being vague in her comparison of herself to "Wonder Woman" and solely associates with the Amazonian myth of the character, then there may be a grain of honesty in her claims.  But, Wonder Woman left the Amazonian-lifestyle to help men and mankind against brutal tyranny and enslavement of dissenters.  So, again, Hillary Clinton has missed the mark and like Tabetha Wallace proven she is too stupid to understand the subtext of even a children's comic book series.  How could anyone expect her to be qualified to run a country if she can't even understand comic books?

That being said, the Amazonian myth reports: "According to Diodorus, the Amazons under the rule of Queen Myrina, invaded the lands of the Atlantians. Amazons defeated the army of the Atlantian city of Cerne, treated the captives savagely, killed all the men, led into slavery the children and women, and razed the city."[1] In addition, it is reported that the Amazonian myth may have been a fictionalized account of the Scythians.  This is interesting since in "Star Wars" the bad guys with the evil empire are known as "Sith Lords", which may be a hint as to what is at stake in the 2020 election if Hillary Clinton runs and the Democratic National Committee is so stupid or corrupt that they choose to nominate her again.  And, most everyone has seen the George Soros as the Sith Lord meme on Twitter.

I would prefer to defeat the NAZIs and see Hillary Clinton and anyone who still supports her dead, insane, or in jail.  By insane, I mean institutionalized in an asylum because in Greek mythology, a Maenad is a "mad and demented woman" and it seems fitting to lock up such people.  Typically, I would not support institutionalizing anyone.  But, in this case, consider me "Kafkaesque".  I agree with Abraham Lincoln who said, ""Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it."[2]  Since Hillary Clinton and her friends (i.e. Tipper Gore) have been promoting the unlawful imprisonment and exploitation of minors in private prisons/labor camps masquerading as treatment centers and boarding schools for over 30 years and expanded the war on drugs and current US prison population, she clearly is someone who prefers war to peace and slavery/prison to constitutional freedoms.  In hopes to give her what she wants, let us wage a war of words and give her a life in prison without parole where she can experience slavery firsthand.  That's the best she deserves.

[2] Abraham Lincoln, letter to H.L. Pierce, April 6, 1859. From the series Great Ideas of Western Man.

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