Monday, August 27, 2018

The Art of Reason and #TaoFu

The Art of Reason and #TaoFu
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

For this article, I will be providing a list of problems and solutions.  I will give examples of reason, logic, and #TaoFu.  I will not identify whether one or all three are being used.  I will leave that up to you to decide.

Problem #1: An individual seeking refuge, sanctuary, or asylum is offered the opportunity for self-improvement at a facility of the same or similar name.  Upon arrival, they are put in work scrubs and told that the facility (farm, camp, etc.) primarily uses "work therapy" to assist with "life-controlling" or "behavioral" issues.  This can happen to both foreign residents and domestic citizens.

Solution #1: Know where you are going before you get there.  Do not fall for the "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" trick.  See: and  This film was way more important than "Mary Poppins".  Sending or taking family members away for self-improvement while enslaving them and telling everyone to ignore the problem, that's how fascism happens.  So, I've been trying to warn you for a while.  See rest of blog.

In discussion of the above example, consider whether or not "Mary Poppins" inspired sympathy for bankers and the wealthy class and was therefore likely a RAND Corporation influenced film.  Also, consider whether or not "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" might have been the CIA trying to warn everyone about RAND Corporation taking children away to labor camps and hoping that the public would get the hint before 2018 (50 years after the films debut).  President Obama was serious when he said change requires everyone to participate.[1]  Whether President Obama was #TaoFu or actually mocking legitimate activists is up to you.  He knows how I feel.  I wrote him a poem for his birthday while still in office.  It was about saving children.

Problem #2: A private "charitable" corporation is laundering money for a major political party, big oil, Dow Index, Wall Street Journal, Clinton Foundation, and more while actively lobbying, donating over $500,000 to Democrats, and "influencing" public policy while meeting with defense contractors, the Saudi Prince, and United Arab Emirates.  The same corporation targeted me and my organization and has been harassing us almost since inception.  It was the targeting of my organization and my research into those targeting me that led me to uncover the conspiracy.  I fell in love along the way.

Solution #2: This is where it gets tricky.  I've been working on this solution for some time.  I'm going to write a book, consider this a preview.  I reported to local police, regional FBI, remote FBI, and congress.  I've outlined what appears to be prima facie evidence of RICO violations and money-laundering.  I've communicated creatively in hopes to make my point with a touch of humor.  However, I feel the evidence alone is enough for the government to take seriously the fact that RAND Corp is engaging in a soft coup against President Trump right now.  It is a soft coup because he is still alive.  This isn't Chile and he is part of the 1%.  So, they won't kill him.  They will keep targeting, harassing, and maligning him through ongoing smear and propaganda campaigns so he can't accomplish anything while the Republicans scream at the Democrats and the Democrats say "Whatever, you care too much."  So, one solution I am adopting, since I lead by example, is to support Trump as much as I would historically be disinclined to do based on misunderstandings caused by media bias and propaganda.

When considering the above problem and solution, please see earlier blog posts.  In particular, check for the Oliver Stone Conspiracy.  The choice is yours.  The facts and sources are cited.  I've reported as much as I can.  You will need to share the article with your legislators and demand action if you want things to change.  The same is true with contacting law enforcement to report crime.  Reporting to an advocacy organization or network like HEAL, without speaking out publicly or making official complaints with actual authorities, doesn't change things.  And, since most of us, including me, have PTSD, listening to a bunch of triggers day in and day out while no one calls the police or reports to the authorities feels like a mock even when it may not be.  Does that make sense?  We're here to educate the public and influence public policy to help stop the abuse and make sure the laws are strong, don't have absurd loopholes that leave people in jeopardy, and are effectively enforced.  And, that's what I do and will continue to do unless they kill me like they did Edgar A. Poe.  Then, again, it will be up to you.
I'm not giving any more examples right now.  That's enough for you.  You may not even read this and if you do, that should be plenty to think about and act on.  So, good luck with that.  If you enjoyed this article you may also enjoy this Facebook page:

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