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The Oliver Stone Conspiracy

The Oliver Stone Conspiracy
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

William Oliver Stone, better known as Oscar Winning Director Oliver Stone, is likely, in my opinion,  a hack and a fraud.  Beyond this, he is likely a criminal (keep reading).  I'm taking Melissa Gilbert's word for it.  She said he sexually harassed (assault is when you put someone in fear of a battery such as rape, so, assaulted may also apply)  her and his excuse was that everyone knew he was raunchy.  Look it up.  All public record.  Well, I don't know how "raunchy" Mr. Stone is, but, Gilbert had sex with a dog on FX's "Nip/Tuck", so, guessing pretty fucking raunchy.  Beyond this, his films are forgettable and nothing more than self-indulgent garbage intended to confuse the masses with RAND Corporation narratives disparaging the CIA. 

Taking into account his poor excuses for cinema, one must wonder if any of the scenes in "UTURN" were revelatory about his appetites.  For example, why was the incestuous rape scene between father and daughter in the film so lustful?  And, I also wonder if "Tropic Thunder" was a mock of Oliver Stone, Nick Nolte's character specifically.

That's just the Hollywood snooze news and gossip.  But, you should pay attention.  I mentioned RAND Corporation.  Now, what is the connection? 

Oliver Stone most likely invests in First Gulf Bank, HAB Bank, and United Central Bank.  The reason for this presumption is a 19 year old, very close to Oliver Stone, got a job as a credit analyst at First Gulf Bank in the early 2000s.  So, how a 19 year old got such a position without knowing an owner or key shareholder is puzzling to say the least.  Given a reasonable deduction, Oliver Stone is most likely so invested.  Checking his bank records may assist with any needed conclusions. 

Now, First Gulf Bank engages in internationally syndicated debt-based economics and modern slavery.[1]  This is called "globalization" by Alex Jones and his dedicated viewers.  First Gulf Bank is headquartered in Abu Dhabi.[2]  Also headquartered in Abu Dhabi is The Petroleum Club, which has locations worldwide.  It is an actual thing.  First Gulf Bank is connected to United Arab Emirates (UAE).[3]  And, the UAE are members of The Petroleum Club.[4]  Saudi Arabia and the UAE are different in that the UAE is controlled by the British and more involved in economics, trade, and "development", while Saudi Arabia is more for show, like the British "Royals".  So, the issue we have is with UAE and not so much Saudi Arabia when it comes to the bombing in Yemen.[5]  We need to talk to England about their continued imperialism, don't we?  Is the US a free country or do we need to re-fight the revolutionary war?  Alex Jones seems to think so.

"Today Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman began his visit to Los Angeles, where among other business leaders he and his entourage will not only meet major defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing but also executives at Disney and RAND Corporation in Santa Monica."[6]

Now, does the Prince meet on behalf of the UAE or Saudi Arabia?  Does it matter?  Am I getting off track?  See, the connections are there.  So, what about money-laundering?

Well, let me give you some examples and hopefully you will share this article with law enforcement and national security agencies so they can help stop the soft coup being organized by the UAE and RAND Corporation against the United States.  Okay?  Here it goes...

Oliver Stone is a Wall Street Banker from a Wall Street family.  First Gulf Bank is more than likely a big part of his portfolio.  Reasons already provided to FBI.  But, they may need to hear from more of us before taking any action.  I've established the connection between all of them satisfactorily I hope and believe. 

So, RAND Corporation is run by Karen Elliott House who also runs and owns The Wall Street Journal.  Are you with me?  Okay.  RAND Corporation is supposedly a non-profit charity.[7]  Now, what is a "charity" doing meeting with defense contractors and the Saudi Prince?  Does it bother anyone that they are also running the Wall Street Journal?  Am I the only one seeing the connection here? 

RAND Corporation was founded in 1950 and was likely wholly responsible for the blacklisting of multiple Hollywood stars and elite during the "red scare" they orchestrated when they began to influence Hollywood.  In addition, they are arguably responsible for the death of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe (see earlier blog entries and  Beyond this, they turned great cinema into garbage by re-making and re-writing such films as "Love Affair" and "Imitation of Life".  The re-makes were racist and not aligned with the spirit of the original films.  Look into it at your leisure.  (Side Note: RAND Corporation has infiltrated Disney, ABC, and GAIA, among others.  See facebook link above for more citations and info.  It is all there.)

That's more Hollywood stories...  But, you may be more interested in the political side of this story.  See, RAND Corporation has donated a traceable amount of $500,000 mostly to the Democrats.[8]  RAND Corporation lobbies on behalf of defense contractors and oil companies, among others.[9]  They are a charity, so, that's cool, right?  The Clinton Foundation and RAND Corporation are very close and work together.[10]  Hillary Clinton donated $250 to Donald Trump for his presidential campaign through the Clinton Foundation in 2016.[11]

So, it is my theory that there is a soft coup by a bunch of rich assholes who can't handle that the United States of America is a free country and they've been using all means at their disposal to destroy western civilization through the guise of business and charity.  I think we can do better.  And, I think the above proves money-laundering and RICO violations.  Or, at least provides a basis for a serious investigation, don't you?

I'm tired of propaganda and I unbelievably am switching to Republican if there are no Libertarian or Green Party candidates to choose on the ballot.  Does everyone agree we should have ranked choice voting and a more open democracy or am I crazy?

[Side Note:  Sean C. A. Stone was given over 24 hours to edit or suggest changes to this story.  He was offered the by-line and a complete editorial control over the content if changes were submitted before the 11pm deadline.  He has been given the option to request editing or changes after publication.  He is innocent and not to be maligned or unfairly associated with Wall Street criminals regardless of family ties.]


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