Saturday, October 27, 2018

Removal of Posts

Removal of Posts
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Because the Green Party has aligned with the most corrupt, that being the Democrats, I no longer support the Green Party, but, still like their platform best.  So, I deleted an article critical of the Libertarian Party, whom at this point, if taken at their word, is the best party for ending war, cleaning government of corruption and waste, and returning the economy to a free market in which consumers will reportedly have rights restored to quality over quantity.  But, there is some debate about that too.

That being said, I took down some movie reviews and some other posts that I felt had served their purpose.  And, I left posts that may require knowledge of things you may never read to understand.  But, you can always pick up a copy of any of my books available (some for free, some not) at  And, if you do so, you may run across a post that disappeared.

I may not be able to edit or change my entire internet history or protect what has already been shared from data-miners and private/public surveillance partnerships and interference in the daily lives of any and all Americans, apparently, but, I can delete posts and here that means something.

So, I've deleted some posts and I plan to leave certain social media sites while primarily using any I remain on for public comment only as it is public or used to manipulate the public regardless of said in private messages, secret groups, or posted on a page hosted by a popular social media site.

I will leave up the youtube videos available at and suggest you watch the ones about Twitter and the Tribute to Seattle Reign to understand (or not) the performance art piece that was sparked by a temporary ban on Twitter resulting from a joke tweet made about Wendi McLendon-Covey to raise awareness about modern slavery and human tracking I posted on the 4th of July.

Fighting institutionalized child abuse and human trafficking is difficult and stressful.  Having a sense of humor and enjoying the arts while knowing a bit about how to perform can result in merging art with life and create a spectacle intended to make a point that everyone has a bad moment and celebrity or not, we all deserve acceptance, forgiveness, and a second chance.  This goes especially for Roseanne Barr and Drake as well as Oliver Stone and Russell Crowe (and Alec Baldwin).  I think it is shameful that one bad moment or a string of them, possibly induced by personal or professional stress, results in public shunning and humiliation of people who deserve compassion, respect, and at least to have their side heard before anyone rushes to judgment or bandwagons against them.

This has been the overall point of my entire performance art piece up to this moment and I explained it in other ways here on this blog and elsewhere.  If you want to see any of the articles that are missing, buy the books or e-mail me if you can figure out how.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Look At Personal Responsibility

A Look At Personal Responsibility
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Have you ever been to a restaurant where families, couples, or friends were all on their devices checking social media while ignoring "wait staff" and each other for the entire duration of your meal, including service?  Well, I've experienced it and I'm pretty sure most of society has devolved into button pushing idiots, including government officials.

Should we blame RAND Corporation?  Well, I believe their "market research" and manipulation of public opinion to reinforce every evil imaginable, including war and modern slavery, is at the crux of the issue.  Everyone looks for approval and RAND Corporation, with their influence, either encourages or discourages based on whether or not an individual supports a pre-selected role by the authoritarians at RAND Corporation.  Why would I say this?

"In the electronic age, he once wrote for RAND, the role of masses in elections will be a “programmed response to a previously selected alternative . . . To use electronic media well requires ‘market research’ into habits, desires and tastes of the target audiences,” and success will depend on “the level of analytic competence in utilizing the electronic media of mass communication.”"[1]

So, are our opinions being tracked and manipulated in a manner that induces the "manufacturing of consent" as Noam Chomsky has suggested?[2]  And, is our participation in social media making it easier or more difficult to persuade or manufacture consent for war, modern slavery, or any evil you can name?  Might modern counter-intelligence operations involve tracking such interactions and using analytic data to manipulate or trigger individuals, including those with known trauma triggers such as survivors of institutionalized abuse or human trafficking?  And, does RAND Corp handle analyzing social media for the government and Wall Street?  Yes.[3][4]

Now, considering the above coupled with the "surveillance state" in which most, if not all, of our movements individually and collectively are tracked, does that make us more free from undue influence or subjects to undue influences like manipulation and the manufacturing of consent?  Beyond this question, how isolated do you feel even when surrounded by supposed loved ones who don't understand you and would rather be on a device than acknowledge you exist?  And, do you accept any responsibility for choosing to isolate while pretending to be social?  If the majority are engaging in this "Brave New World" by supposed choice (undue influence is certainly at play here), then what is left for anyone who still remains sentient enough to question the status quo and demand respect, truth, freedom and justice?  Perhaps, only the art world can save us now.  And, expect more performance art of which this may or may not be an example.

I refuse to be enslaved by ignorance, stupidity, and apathy and that includes anyone exhibiting such characteristics be they individuals or organizations.  My hope is that enough people agree that we can stop the forcible drugging (which leads to apathy, amnesia/memory loss, drops in IQ, and more) and exploitation of all American citizens, particularly school children who are not given a choice and whose parents may be unduly influenced by profiteering charlatans masquerading as experts in any professional field.  The children deserve a hopeful future of social acceptance, upward mobility, and respect for individual privacy and free thought.  This is what I dedicate my life to achieving and hope very much anyone reading this understands where the undue influence is coming from and what may need to be done to set things right.

I will continue to work on legislative efforts and publicly share the findings of my independent research in hopes to enrich the public discourse by providing factual information that is not manipulated or skewed to support anything but objective truth and reasonable ethical standards.  How I determine if something is a reasonable ethical standard?  I ask, "Would I want everyone to be treated this way, including myself?"  If the answer is "no", I do my best to avoid treating anyone in a manner I would not wish to be treated.  Golden rule.  Kindergarten or pre-school, typically learned by then. 

Everyone has a bad moment and may exhibit a crisis of conscience from time to time, but, that's where forgiveness and open communication helps.  Nobody is perfect, including me.  And, I admit that.  However, I'm always willing to correct myself and apologize if that will restore harmony.  I find that RAND Corporation has influenced the majority to accept being medically disabled by pharmaceuticals and adversely influenced by their manipulation of the marketplace of ideas.  As an activist who cares about human rights and civil liberties, I feel RAND Corporation is treasonous and a threat to national security.  I have no idea why the Department of Defense is letting RAND Corporation do this or funding them to the tune of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually,[5] but, it seems like a good time for another Tea Party.  It is wholly unacceptable to enslave, tax, and control the entire economic and political system while claiming we are in a democracy or even a legitimate republic as opposed to a Banana Republic.  RAND Corporation's CEO is the editor of the Wall Street Journal.  See previous articles for more information on RAND Corporation or check out:

Personal responsibility?  Yes, we are all responsible and often unduly influenced by factors beyond our control leading us to the downfall of civilization.  But, knowledge is power.  And, if we choose to know we can reclaim our power.  Will you choose to be more informed, think for yourself (rather than parrot RAND Corp prepared talking points) or continue to be manipulated?  Freethinkers and Light Warriors unite!  Question more.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Perspective: Woman to Woman

Perspective: Woman to Woman
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

If you follow this blog and various social media postings, you may have heard reference to "Nursery Rhyme Bitch" and the like and not understand what is meant by the phrase.  Well, "Nursery Rhyme Bitch" means someone who is stuck on nursery rhymes intellectually and apparently never read much after pre-school.  Now, that is used as an insult.  But, there are gradations, and some people may be considered "Fairytale Bitches".

A "Fairytale Bitch" is someone who considers themselves worthy of the life of the heroine in a fairytale while acting more like the villainess of a fairytale.  For example, "mean girls" act like Cinderella's stepsisters and expect to actually marry the prince by just showing up and demanding attention and gratuities.  But, the heroine, Cinderella in this example, is a childhood victim of what I would call a "redhatter" who catnapped her father, killed him, then turned his beloved child (who loved the book she left him, her most treasured possession, so she reads) into a slave while stealing her inheritance.  Now, "Fairytale Bitches" don't often get rewarded by marrying a nice, loving, guy in the stories.  Cinderella is one of the exceptions because her father fell for the "redhatter".  Some people never learn that part and there is a reason. 

The reason is confusion regarding messaging caused by the Women's Liberation Movement.  By spoiling little girls from the "me generation" while telling them women can be and do whatever they want, no limits, some little girls grow up thinking they deserve the world just because they were born female.  Hillary Clinton is a prime example of this and someone I would call a "Fairytale Bitch".  She believes in "black magic" according to online sources.  Feel free to look it up.  And, she didn't understand that you have to be ethical, moral, good-hearted, and willing to serve others to win in the end.  So, that makes her more of a "Nursery Rhyme Bitch", because she didn't get the point of the fairytales.

Hillary Clinton is clearly not in politics for the greater good and that goes for the majority of politicians.  She is in it for money and power only.  This is clear when examining her gay laughter regarding Libya and "jokes" about assassinating President Obama and Julian Assange.  Good people don't laugh at destroying a country and leaving it open to modern slavery.  Good people don't joke about killing their political opponents during a primary.  Good people don't threaten to kill journalists for reporting the truth in a "democracy".  So, three strikes and you are out.  And, why she is still even given a minute of airtime or consideration by anyone is beyond reason.

That being said, good women without positive role models in their lives or very few, can learn from fiction and non-fiction stories of truly heroic and good women like the real heroines of fairytale lore.  Dana Gottesfeld is a prime example of this.  In a desperate situation, her true love and prince, did everything to help her free her brother from a dire situation.  Her husband, Martin "Marty" Gottesfeld, being a true hero, worked tirelessly with Dana's support, to free a stranger to both of them from institutionalized abuse.  That stranger, now family friend, being Justina Pelletier.  She was finally freed from her torturous conditions.  But, as a result, Marty is now behind bars.  Rolling Stone Magazine deems him "The Hacker Who Cared Too Much".[1]  This beautiful couple could really use your support.  Please visit to see how you can help.

There are many good women in the world.  But, many have been caught in a system of manipulation orchestrated by women of yesteryear who claim that was necessary for survival before women were allowed in the workplace.  That argument doesn't fly because women have been working throughout history.  Single women have held many jobs from service to politics.  Have you ever heard of a Queen?  Is that not work?  It might depend on the queen.  Have you ever heard of a barmaid or bar wench?  What era did those phrases come from and do you consider that work?  See, women didn't have to get married to survive at any point in history.  That's a misnomer.  Women who don't wish to work and think they can manipulate everyone around them to avoid ever having to do so because they are self-absorbed and believe they can pout their way into or out of any situation they don't care for while getting paid to do nothing at all, don't deserve anything, including your attention.

In an agricultural economy the entire family tends to help on the farm.  In a household economy, closed-household economy at times, the entire family contributes to making sure the entire family's needs are met.  Even in hunter-gatherer tribes, women work, even unmarried women.  So, claiming women were not in the workplace, unable to get work, or couldn't survive without a man at any point, is inaccurate and part of the manipulation by some women on other women when we call them out for being lazy, self-absorbed, greedy, often heartless manipulators.

 I love my true sisters.  We are smart, we read, we love, we care, and we devote ourselves to helping others.  Dana Gottesfeld and I are both examples of this and there are many more.  I encourage every woman to be honest and ask themselves if the roles were reversed in my relationship (with anyone, including relatives or other women), how would I feel on the receiving end of my own actions?  If you would feel exploited, abused, neglected, insulted, or disrespected should someone treat you or expect what you expect of them without returning the favor, then you are the problem in your relationships. 

If you disregard this article and think it doesn't apply to you because you are special, you are a narcissistic bitch who is lucky not to have been murdered or institutionalized by someone with the ability and access to do the job.  Being a compassionate person, I try to understand why some serial killers (i.e. DeSalvo/Boston Strangler) do what they do so I can find forgiveness.  In researching DeSalvo, I believe his mother was a "Nursery Rhyme Bitch" of the highest order and understand why he had issues.  However, since he didn't at least start with his mother and then make sure his victims were just like her or close enough, I find he lacked the self-control of Ted Bundy and therefore found forgiveness more difficult in his case.  Ted Bundy is a lot like me and I relate to his intellect, sense of humor, and struggle with class boundaries.  He was from a poor family and raised by a single mother.  He worked hard and was brilliant.  He would have been an excellent lawyer.  He fell for a rich bitch (Hillary Clinton type, most likely) and she rejected him because her father thought he wasn't good enough because of his humble beginnings.  Given his struggle to achieve his dreams and his heartbreak by a cold, ruthless bitch, I understand why he snapped.  However, I think a life well lived may have been the better revenge in that scenario.  I'm happy he was able to find some humor by turning himself in and then having himself let go because the police didn't think he was telling the truth when he confessed.  And, I'm sure he humored himself with his successful prison escapes as well.  So, he remains in my prayers as my brother and I hope God found forgiveness for him as I did.  Since God has a greater capacity for forgiveness than I may have, I assume Bundy is on the side of the angels.

Hoping everyone enjoys this article and understands it was written out of love and compassion for good people and people who strive to be good everywhere.  If you are angry right now, I'd recommend not crossing my path or contacting me.  If this article was written by anyone else, I'd love it and want to be their friend.  So, we may have different perspectives on things, but, haters can fuck off and die.  Your choice on how it ends unless you piss the wrong person off at the wrong time.  Hoping you live a life that gives hope and comfort to those who need a touch of kindness to avoid a "snap".  I do my best in that regard and respect others that do the same.
If you enjoyed this article, you may also like "The Karmic Crew" by Angela Smith.  You can find links to this book and more at 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Suggested Tips for Dating Success

Suggested Tips for Dating Success
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

It seems to me that we could all avoid "bad dates" by taking a few precautions and being more honest about our expectations.  I've had my share of "bad dates" and now follow some basic rules that I provide to you as tips for dating success.

1.  Know What You Want Out Of A Date: If you are whorish, you may want a free meal or other gifts and may feel entitled to such just for the "benefit of your company".  However, such a position means you do not feel the other person is also entitled to feel you are benefiting from their company without additional compensation or payment.  To avoid being treated as a whore, perhaps go "Dutch" on all dates until you are ready to trade or actually are intimately or romantically interested in the other party.  This will help you avoid "Aziz Ansari" type exploitative situations in which no one is satisfied and the benefactor is most harmed.

2.  Be Honest And Up Front:  You don't have to go into great detail about your sexual history.  And, this only needs to be discussed if you would like to have sex with the other person involved at some point.  But, if you are concerned about unplanned pregnancy or disease, you will want to share at least a modicum of personal medical or health information and ask the other do the same.  If there are known deal-breakers for you such as incurable diseases or refusing monogamous commitment whilst enjoying physical intimacy, you should convey that to the other person.  If you don't trust someone or know them well enough to know whether or not they are lying about any of it, wait until you are certain or have medical documentation backing up their claims.  Protection isn't foolproof and this is the best way to avoid the unfortunate consequences of  instant gratification.

3.  Don't Lead People On:  This really goes with the first tip.  If you are not interested in the person and only interested in what they can do for you, then you are a whore and should admit that going in and act accordingly.  If you are not a whore and a "spouse-in-waiting" for the right person, then be honest about that too.  Some people are only interested in whores.  So, you want to make sure when you accept an offer for a date that the person you are going out with understands your position and you are not under the mistaken impression that a gentleman asked you out and insisted on paying even though you offered to go "Dutch" and then asked you to touch them inappropriately on a first date because they paid.  See, regardless of gender, we could all avoid possible legal issues by being more honest.

4.  Don't Accept A Date Request Just To Be Nice:  I did this once.  The guy had a crush on me for over a decade.  I felt bad because I ran into him after years of not seeing him and he just lit up.  I was like, "okay, he still likes me and finally had the courage to ask me out."  I thought if he finally had his courage and was brave enough to ask me out that it would help him find the confidence to seek his true love, which wasn't me and I knew it, if I agreed.  So, I kind of took one for the team.  That team being "true love".  We had one date.  I kissed him once.  But, didn't go out with him again.  He soon after met his true love and they are now happily married.  Judge me if you wish.  (Now, if your motives are not like mine and you are a whore, don't do this shit to a nice person.  It is wrong and you might in my opinion deserve a violent response if you use people like this often with no consideration for the feelings of others or the mayhem that may result from someone nice having their heart broken or dreams shattered one too many times.)

5.  Remember People Are People:  If you play sadistic and cruel games to manipulate others and they get mad when they realize this, you are the problem and they have a right to be pissed.  If you are a good person, please don't assume everyone you meet is also good.  Remember Anne Frank believed that and died in a Nazi concentration camp.  So, you can believe in your own goodness and when you truly know someone else, believe in their goodness too.  But, "stranger danger" is a real thing and we have a lot of resources reporting evil in the world including crimes of violence such as rape, drugging people against their will, kidnapping, and more.  Do not suspend your disbelief in the existence or possibility of crime to go somewhere alone with someone you barely know who may not be honest about their intentions going into the date.  I have a male friend who reported being raped by a woman at a party after he claims she drugged him and he couldn't fight back.  I believe survivors.
In using the word whore, I didn't specify gender on purpose.  Anyone can be a whore regardless of gender.  But, good people who respect themselves and others do not engage in that lifestyle and protect themselves and everyone they know and/or love from such exploitation and needless heartache.  I hope you found this helpful.