Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Look At Personal Responsibility

A Look At Personal Responsibility
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Have you ever been to a restaurant where families, couples, or friends were all on their devices checking social media while ignoring "wait staff" and each other for the entire duration of your meal, including service?  Well, I've experienced it and I'm pretty sure most of society has devolved into button pushing idiots, including government officials.

Should we blame RAND Corporation?  Well, I believe their "market research" and manipulation of public opinion to reinforce every evil imaginable, including war and modern slavery, is at the crux of the issue.  Everyone looks for approval and RAND Corporation, with their influence, either encourages or discourages based on whether or not an individual supports a pre-selected role by the authoritarians at RAND Corporation.  Why would I say this?

"In the electronic age, he once wrote for RAND, the role of masses in elections will be a “programmed response to a previously selected alternative . . . To use electronic media well requires ‘market research’ into habits, desires and tastes of the target audiences,” and success will depend on “the level of analytic competence in utilizing the electronic media of mass communication.”"[1]

So, are our opinions being tracked and manipulated in a manner that induces the "manufacturing of consent" as Noam Chomsky has suggested?[2]  And, is our participation in social media making it easier or more difficult to persuade or manufacture consent for war, modern slavery, or any evil you can name?  Might modern counter-intelligence operations involve tracking such interactions and using analytic data to manipulate or trigger individuals, including those with known trauma triggers such as survivors of institutionalized abuse or human trafficking?  And, does RAND Corp handle analyzing social media for the government and Wall Street?  Yes.[3][4]

Now, considering the above coupled with the "surveillance state" in which most, if not all, of our movements individually and collectively are tracked, does that make us more free from undue influence or subjects to undue influences like manipulation and the manufacturing of consent?  Beyond this question, how isolated do you feel even when surrounded by supposed loved ones who don't understand you and would rather be on a device than acknowledge you exist?  And, do you accept any responsibility for choosing to isolate while pretending to be social?  If the majority are engaging in this "Brave New World" by supposed choice (undue influence is certainly at play here), then what is left for anyone who still remains sentient enough to question the status quo and demand respect, truth, freedom and justice?  Perhaps, only the art world can save us now.  And, expect more performance art of which this may or may not be an example.

I refuse to be enslaved by ignorance, stupidity, and apathy and that includes anyone exhibiting such characteristics be they individuals or organizations.  My hope is that enough people agree that we can stop the forcible drugging (which leads to apathy, amnesia/memory loss, drops in IQ, and more) and exploitation of all American citizens, particularly school children who are not given a choice and whose parents may be unduly influenced by profiteering charlatans masquerading as experts in any professional field.  The children deserve a hopeful future of social acceptance, upward mobility, and respect for individual privacy and free thought.  This is what I dedicate my life to achieving and hope very much anyone reading this understands where the undue influence is coming from and what may need to be done to set things right.

I will continue to work on legislative efforts and publicly share the findings of my independent research in hopes to enrich the public discourse by providing factual information that is not manipulated or skewed to support anything but objective truth and reasonable ethical standards.  How I determine if something is a reasonable ethical standard?  I ask, "Would I want everyone to be treated this way, including myself?"  If the answer is "no", I do my best to avoid treating anyone in a manner I would not wish to be treated.  Golden rule.  Kindergarten or pre-school, typically learned by then. 

Everyone has a bad moment and may exhibit a crisis of conscience from time to time, but, that's where forgiveness and open communication helps.  Nobody is perfect, including me.  And, I admit that.  However, I'm always willing to correct myself and apologize if that will restore harmony.  I find that RAND Corporation has influenced the majority to accept being medically disabled by pharmaceuticals and adversely influenced by their manipulation of the marketplace of ideas.  As an activist who cares about human rights and civil liberties, I feel RAND Corporation is treasonous and a threat to national security.  I have no idea why the Department of Defense is letting RAND Corporation do this or funding them to the tune of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually,[5] but, it seems like a good time for another Tea Party.  It is wholly unacceptable to enslave, tax, and control the entire economic and political system while claiming we are in a democracy or even a legitimate republic as opposed to a Banana Republic.  RAND Corporation's CEO is the editor of the Wall Street Journal.  See previous articles for more information on RAND Corporation or check out:

Personal responsibility?  Yes, we are all responsible and often unduly influenced by factors beyond our control leading us to the downfall of civilization.  But, knowledge is power.  And, if we choose to know we can reclaim our power.  Will you choose to be more informed, think for yourself (rather than parrot RAND Corp prepared talking points) or continue to be manipulated?  Freethinkers and Light Warriors unite!  Question more.

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