Saturday, October 27, 2018

Removal of Posts

Removal of Posts
By Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Because the Green Party has aligned with the most corrupt, that being the Democrats, I no longer support the Green Party, but, still like their platform best.  So, I deleted an article critical of the Libertarian Party, whom at this point, if taken at their word, is the best party for ending war, cleaning government of corruption and waste, and returning the economy to a free market in which consumers will reportedly have rights restored to quality over quantity.  But, there is some debate about that too.

That being said, I took down some movie reviews and some other posts that I felt had served their purpose.  And, I left posts that may require knowledge of things you may never read to understand.  But, you can always pick up a copy of any of my books available (some for free, some not) at  And, if you do so, you may run across a post that disappeared.

I may not be able to edit or change my entire internet history or protect what has already been shared from data-miners and private/public surveillance partnerships and interference in the daily lives of any and all Americans, apparently, but, I can delete posts and here that means something.

So, I've deleted some posts and I plan to leave certain social media sites while primarily using any I remain on for public comment only as it is public or used to manipulate the public regardless of said in private messages, secret groups, or posted on a page hosted by a popular social media site.

I will leave up the youtube videos available at and suggest you watch the ones about Twitter and the Tribute to Seattle Reign to understand (or not) the performance art piece that was sparked by a temporary ban on Twitter resulting from a joke tweet made about Wendi McLendon-Covey to raise awareness about modern slavery and human tracking I posted on the 4th of July.

Fighting institutionalized child abuse and human trafficking is difficult and stressful.  Having a sense of humor and enjoying the arts while knowing a bit about how to perform can result in merging art with life and create a spectacle intended to make a point that everyone has a bad moment and celebrity or not, we all deserve acceptance, forgiveness, and a second chance.  This goes especially for Roseanne Barr and Drake as well as Oliver Stone and Russell Crowe (and Alec Baldwin).  I think it is shameful that one bad moment or a string of them, possibly induced by personal or professional stress, results in public shunning and humiliation of people who deserve compassion, respect, and at least to have their side heard before anyone rushes to judgment or bandwagons against them.

This has been the overall point of my entire performance art piece up to this moment and I explained it in other ways here on this blog and elsewhere.  If you want to see any of the articles that are missing, buy the books or e-mail me if you can figure out how.

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