Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Justifying Government Authority

Justifying Government Authority
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

In order to promote and protect the liberty interests of all US citizens, regardless of age, gender, orientation, heritage, faith, or disability, we must respect each other's liberty on the same grounds.  This includes the liberty interests of vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, and the disabled.

False imprisonment and kidnapping are federal offenses and prosecutable as such if the crime crosses state lines involving commerce.  Commerce involves the sale of goods or services.  Services include boarding schools, treatment centers, and all forms of segregated congregate care.  Kidnapping can be committed by force or fraud.  False advertising in sales materials may be enough to prove fraud.  Parents can be charged as co-conspirators and may be able to mitigate charges by claiming ignorance. 

Youth who are kidnapped and falsely imprisoned in such a fashion often distrust the government as believing this wouldn't be happening if it were illegal.  But, whether the victims of crime or perpetrators of crime know it is a crime, doesn't change the fact that it is a crime.  And, when victims of crime don't get justice, often they become activists and sometimes turn to crime themselves seeing that leadership involves criminal activity at "leadership academies".

So, I believe the most reasonable thing to do is have law enforcement raid every single youth facility that accepts youth, without a court order via due process, where the youth are held against their will to let youth know that heroes exist and the law is on their side.  Otherwise, I'm the voice of reason in the teen liberty movement and sometimes I hit a rough patch.  I always respect the law and expect it to be enforced particularly when individual liberty interests and national security are involved.

See, anyone raised believing people in authority get away with crime or don't have to obey the same rules or laws, may follow the example set by those in authority which is why we need to be virtuous and respect each other's liberty interests to avoid being hypocrites and criminals or inspiring others to become such.

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