Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sadism in Modern Human Development and Social Organization

Sadism in Modern Human Development and Social Organization
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

Do you wish for a world without freedom, reason, and mutual respect for all humankind?  Do you demand freedom, reason, and respect from others?  If you answered "yes" to both questions, then there is a flaw in your reasoning and you need to work on that to avoid hypocrisy and misunderstanding.

People tend to follow examples set for them by their primary caregivers in childhood and authority figures in adulthood.  So, regardless of whether your position in all relationships, business or personal, is "Do as I say, not as I do", your own actions or "doing" are naturally to be adopted by those that see you as an authority on how to live or achieve leadership positions.  If your actions should not be adopted by everyone else, you do not belong in a leadership position.  If your actions should be adopted by everyone else, then, absolutely others may benefit from the example you've set.  And, a job worth doing is worth doing well, including leading by example. 

Now, the issue we are facing in the 21st century boils down to this, current trends in human development and social organization are towards imposing ignorance while focusing on emotional stimuli to manipulate and control the majority while the law remains steadfastly in position to protect freedom by requiring reasonable and well-reasoned decisions that exhibit mutual respect for fellow citizens.  Our education and employment training methodologies result in fear of reason, rejection or fear of freedom (i.e. when I suggest an improvement I am dismissed or scolded), and loss of respect for self and others over time with fear being the conditioned response to authority.  This leads to individuals distrusting authority or government resulting in further exploitation and abuse where the law would intervene if victims were not conditioned to fear rather than trust the government.

Since manipulative and aversive behavioral controls are currently being widely used in public and private education settings, the youth so subjected are being conditioned to be subservient and obedient to handlers or perceived authority figures.  This puts them at risk of exploitation, including sexual abuses that go unreported out of fear.  They are also discouraged from reasoning as such may lead to questioning authority.  So, by promoting such conditioning we are as a result ending up with individuals afraid to think for themselves out of fear of punishment while the law demands they take full responsibility and treats their actions as autonomous.  It would seem that on its face all of this is inherently unjust and unfair and that the spirit of the law bends towards freedom which is why our education, human development, and social organization should promote and encourage that, not set everyone up for failure.  And then, those claiming leadership, engaging in intellectual dishonesty, show examples of those who somehow manage to overcome such horrifying conditions to claim that it isn't the system, it is the exceptionalism of the individual. 

Granted, everyone has different talents, skills, and flaws.  And, we'd all like to be accepted based on our individual abilities and contributions to society as they may be.  We might achieve a utopia of sorts if we could embrace universal ethical standards while refraining from intellectual dishonesty.  But, such is arguably unrealistic.  However, it is possible and my PapaSam would say, "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." 

It seems to me that for the sake of, what I believe are American values, we should promote justice and liberty for all.  And, that such requires we not have education or training systems that condition our fellow citizens to respond solely to emotional stimuli, shut down or fear reason, and then blame them for not being reasonable so we can send them to prison where slavery is still legal under the constitution. 

Can we reform the schools and employee training systems so that we encourage reason and the development of such over basic animal-training methods of reward and punishment depending on whether someone pleases the "trainer"/"authority figure"?  If not, that's the problem most adversely affecting the quality of life and upward mobility for the majority of Americans right now and until it is solved, everything will continue to suck.

Please see the free e-books "It's All The Rage" (Particularly chapter 2, please see page 9 regarding what is done with exceptionally intelligent children) and "Activism 101: How to Succeed In Peaceful Revolution" available via hyperlink pdf at  And, you may also find the Congressional Hearing report of interest available here:
This is the bottom line and why everyone is so frustrated with each other and overly emotional about it instead of reasoning things out and actually solving problems.  When you try to stop people from questioning your authority and beat them, drug them, and demand obedience while claiming they are fully responsible for everything they do and should reasonably know better, you are the problem.  Pick a lane.  Lead by example. And, if people act erratic or unstable as a result of living under such conditions, don't create an entire new field to label and control them under the guise of healthcare, address the root cause which is poor social organization and failed human development strategies that have promoted totalitarian authoritarianism in a free country.  Fight for freedom!  HEAL's fighting for freedom and we're with you if you are too!

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